The following callsigns are currently allocated.
Those missing may be presumed vacant and may be requested.
Those shown in purple are at the vetting stage.
Licenced Callsigns [A] AA AD AH AK AL AS AU AV AV 
Licenced Callsigns [B] BB BD BE BJ BK BM BP BR BS BX 
Licenced Callsigns [C] CA CD CD CF CH CK CL CM CP CS CT CV CV CW CX CY 
Licenced Callsigns [D] DA DB DC DD DE DG DJ DK DK DL DN DO DP DR DS DV DX 
Licenced Callsigns [E] EA EB ED EE EG EH EK EL EN EP ER ES EX 
Licenced Callsigns [B] FE FF FF FG FH FI FK FM FO FR FU FW 
Licenced Callsigns [G] GB GC GD GF GG GT 
Licenced Callsigns [H] HA HB HC HE HF HI HM HN HR HS HT HU HX HZ 
Licenced Callsigns [I] IC IC IC IE IK IN IP IQ IS IT IV 
Licenced Callsigns [J] JB JC JD JF JH JH JI JL JM 
Licenced Callsigns [K] KA KB KD KE KH KK KL KM KT 
Licenced Callsigns [L] LD LE LF LN LO LP LR LS LV LY 
Licenced Callsigns [M] MA MB MC ME MF MH MJ MK MO MR MT MW 
Licenced Callsigns [N] NB ND NE NF NI NL NO NS NU NY 
Licenced Callsigns [O] OK OZ 
Licenced Callsigns [P] PB PD PD PE PI PK PM PM PN PP PT PY 
Licenced Callsigns [R] RB RB RE RN RR RV RW RY 
Licenced Callsigns [S] SB SC SD SE SF SH SI SJ SK SN SR ST SU SV SW SX SZ 
Licenced Callsigns [T] TC TD TE TH TH TP TQ TT TV TY 
Licenced Callsigns [U] UL UZ 
Licenced Callsigns [V] VO 
Licenced Callsigns [W] WA WB WC WD WF WI WL WP WS WT WV WW WX 
Licenced Callsigns [X] XX XY 
Licenced Callsigns [Y] YD YD YD YD YI YK YR YS YZ 
Licenced Callsigns [Z] ZI ZP ZZ - all about UK amateur radio repeaters
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