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DSTAR repeater GB7VO in Herefordshire, now able to connect to XLX 925 A (CQ UK Fusion Room) and XLX 925 B (Allstar UK Hub) as well as the standard DCS and REF reflectors! To access type in D925A for CQ UK And D925B for Allstar UK Hub After 15 mins the repeater defaults to DCS005M (Midlands) Thanks to the CQ UK team for their Fusion to DSTAR bridge and of course the team at DSTAR 101 for their informative pages on how to get the XLX reflectors into the software! /G8XYJ


GB3DM has now been enabled for Digital Wires-X but still runs as a local FM repeater. AMS has been activated and if a C4FM station access GB3DM they will be repeated out on C4FM and into the current connect Wires-x room. FM stations can still use the repeater locally and please enable CTCSS tone SQL if you don't want to hear the digital signal if you have a FM only radio tone is 103.5 /GM7GDE


GB7SJ will be connected to HUBNet (allstar network) in Fusion mode between 7pm and 11pm daily apart from Tuesdays as there is a club net for MIDCARS between 8-9pm every week. Analog use in these times may not be possible as HUBNet is a busy network and TX is almost constant. Please note that your overs must be under 3 mins and 4 seconds pauses between overs need to be left to allow this 100+ repeater network to reset all the gateways and repeaters. GB3SJ (VHF analog repeater co-sited is 24/7 connected to Hubnet) If users like or dislike this change please let me know. Kind regards Stuart M0WTX


The Admin team at CQ-UK are proud to announce to all digital & non digital users that the CQ-UK room now supports all three digital modes as well as FM analogue to communicate between each other... more info can seen via our website on how to link your radios. many thanks to Rickie MI5DAW & Ernie GM7KBK for their tireless efforts in getting all modes to cross-platform. Kindest regards Stuart M0SGS

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Latest Status Updates

GB7DE Reported: GM7RYR
Repeater remains off the air until antenna/ feeder replacement is undertaken. No work possible today ( Sunday 18-03-18) due to local weather conditions. repeater will intermittently show on the DMR/ D-Star networks as it is being reconfigured and tested. Any local NXDN users please contact the keeper .
GB3YC Reported: M0KXQ
Aerial being used for commercial users until theirs is replaced.
GB3UB Reported: G4KVI
Back on air.

Status Summary

Red state: 93
Amber state: 120
Green state: 848

Vetting Summary

Vetting: in progress: 4
Frequency requests: 15

some stats:

  • 14 x 10M Repeaters
  • 33 x 6M Repeaters
  • 155 x 2M Repeaters
  • 542 x 70CM Repeaters
  • 13 x 23CM Voice Repeaters
  • 39 x TV Repeaters
  • 305 x DV Repeaters
  • 129 x Simplex Analogue Gateways
  • 153 x Simplex DV Gateways
  • 142 x Packet systems

  • Repeater Licences

  • Repeaters, Gateways, Nodes etc are licensed by means of a "Notice of Variation" (NoV) on an individual's amateur radio licence.
  • A Second NoV will CANCEL the effects of the first Variation in effect removing authorisation to operate the Repeater/Gateway.
  • All repeater NoV's are issued on a rolling 3 year term.
  • The RSGB are agents of Ofcom for the issue of NoV's and managing of the frequencies and networks.

  • Renewal Requests in Vetting

    [MB7VM] : [MB6YR] : [MB6RE]

    4 Proposals in ETCC Vetting

    [21-Feb] GB3FO 70CM AV REPEATER (NEW) - M0RFU

    15 Outstanding Frequency Requests with Ofcom

    [GB3CLE ] [GB3ET ] [GB3EY ] [GB3FT ] [GB3IOM ] [GB3IOW ] 
    [GB3RPE ] [GB3SR ] [GB7BH ] [GB7BN ] [GB7CD-A ] [GB7RB-A ] 
    [GB7XY ] [MB7ILR ] [MB7PH ] 

    3 NoV's pending Ofcom issue

    [15-Mar] GB3FNY 24GHZ BEACON (NEW) - G3AAF
    [7-Mar] MB7VH 2M PACKET:APRS (NEW) - G4FKI

    Licensed in the last 6 Days

    [15-Mar] GB3SY BARNSLEY  (70CM) AV - G8POK

    Featured Repeater (random)  

    Callsign: GB3SB
    Keeper: Norman Mitchinson [GM0FTJ]
    Channel: RV52 (2M)  
    TX Freq: 145.6500 MHz   RX Freq: 145.0500 MHz
    Mode: ANALOGUE VOICE (118.8Hz)
    TX antenna: WX1
    Locality: SELKIRK
    Region: SCOTLAND
    NGR: NT504296     QTHR: IO85ON
    Lat/Lon: 55.5583, -2.7869
    Echolink: 116678
    Advised Status:  OPERATIONAL

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