Beacon Summary Details for GB3LPC

Keeper/NoV holder/Sysop:   COLIN DESBOROUGH, G3NNG
Location Details:
UK NGR: SP31006 01547     Locator: IO91FR
Near (town or area): BAMPTON
Lat/Lon (if known):  51.711743 : -1.552685
[VIEW location]   [Note: Locations may be shown to an approximation in some cases for security reasons]
ETCC Region:  SW (South-West England)
Advised Operational Status: LICENSED
Transmitter Details:

 Beacon 1Beacon 2Beacon 3Beacon 4Beacon 5Beacon 6Beacon 7Beacon 8
TX MHz3400.9350MHz
GAIN6dBdB - all about UK amateur radio repeaters
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