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GB3AVRB02 A 433.050 434.650IO91OT  AYLESBURY SP819135 118.8Hz webG8BQH 51.8141,-0.8133  NOT OPERATIONAL
GB3CHRB02 A 433.050 434.650IO70SM  LISKEARD SX271705 77.0Hz G4RKY 50.5096,-4.4393  OPERATIONAL
GB3HKRB02 A 433.050 434.650IO85ON  SELKIRK NT504296 118.8Hz webGM0FTJ 55.5583,-2.7869  OPERATIONAL
GB3LSRB02 A 433.050 434.650IO93RF  LINCOLN SK978718 71.9Hz G7AVU 53.2342,-0.5362  OPERATIONAL
GB3LVRB02 A 433.050 434.650IO91XP  NORTH LONDON TQ329968 82.5Hz G4DFB 51.6525,-0.0818  OPERATIONAL
GB3MFRB02 A 433.050 434.650IO83WG  MACCLESFIELD SJ938763 103.5Hz webG1JVF 53.2833,-2.0943  NOT OPERATIONAL
GB3NNRB02 A 433.050 434.650JO02JV  WELLS NORFOLK TF904385 94.8Hz G0FVF 52.9102,0.83  OPERATIONAL
GB3ULRB02 A 433.050 434.650IO74CO  BELFAST N.I. IJ405767 110.9Hz MI1VOX 54.6195,-5.8239  LICENSED
GB3WMRB02 AF 433.050 434.650IO92AJ  LONGBRIDGE SP026778 67.0Hz M0JZT 52.3988,-1.963  OPERATIONAL
GB3YSRB02 A 433.050 434.650IO80QW  YEOVIL SOMERSET ST5717 88.5Hz webG3ZXX 50.95,-2.61  OPERATIONAL

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