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GB3AGRV58 A 145.725 145.125IO86ON  FORFAR NO489417 94.8Hz webGM1CMF 56.5645,-2.8331  OPERATIONAL
GB3CGRV58 A 145.725 145.125IO81VU  GLOUCESTER SO881188 118.8Hz webG3LVP 51.8683,-2.1755  OPERATIONAL
GB3DARV58 A 145.725 145.125JO01GR  DANBURY TL779050 110.9Hz webG6JYB 51.7157,0.5744  OPERATIONAL
GB3LMRV58 AF 145.725 145.125IO93RF  LINCOLN SK978718 71.9Hz G7AVU 53.2343,-0.5363  OPERATIONAL
GB3NCRV58 AF 145.725 145.125IO70OJ  ROCHE SW991574 77.0Hz webG4WVD 50.3821,-4.8263  OPERATIONAL
GB3NIRV58 A 145.725 145.125IO74CO  BELFAST N.I. IJ405767 110.9Hz MI1VOX 54.6195,-5.8239  LICENSED
GB3SNRV58 A 145.725 145.125IO91LC  ALTON HANTS SU673361 71.9Hz webG4EPX 51.1198,-1.0402  OPERATIONAL
GB3TPRV58 A 145.725 145.125IO93CT  SHIPLEY SE130367 82.5Hz webG8ZMG 53.8269,-1.8029  OPERATIONAL
GB3TWRV58 AF 145.725 145.125IO94EW  GATESHEAD NZ253620 118.8Hz webG7UUR 54.9526,-1.6059  OPERATIONAL
GB3VTRV58 AD 145.725 145.125IO83WA  STOKE ON TRENT SJ9348 103.5Hz webG8NSS 53.03,-2.10  OPERATIONAL

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