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GB3BCRV60 A 145.750 145.150IO81IO  PONTYPRIDD ST098911 94.8Hz webGW0UXJ 51.6119,-3.3033  OPERATIONAL
GB3CSRV60 A 145.750 145.150IO85AU  MOTHERWELL NS7763 103.5Hz webGM8HBY 55.85,-3.97  OPERATIONAL
GB3FKRV60 A 145.750 145.150JO01OC  FOLKESTONE TR223368 103.5Hz webM1CMN 51.0882,1.1731  OPERATIONAL
GB3HARV60 AF 145.750 145.150IO85XA  CORBRIDGE NY984707 118.8Hz webG7UUR 55.0333,-2.0276  OPERATIONAL
GB3ISRV60 A 145.750 145.150IO77BF  BROADFORD NG683233 88.5Hz GM8RBR 57.241,-5.8414  OPERATIONAL
GB3MPRV60 A 145.750 145.150IO83HH  PRESTATYN SJ0781   webM0OBW 53.33,-3.38  OPERATIONAL
GB3PIRV60 A 145.750 145.150IO92XA  ROYSTON TL372364 77.0Hz webM0ZPU 52.0098,-0.0018  OPERATIONAL
GB3WSRV60 A 145.750 145.150IO91WB  CRAWLEY SUSSEX TQ292324 88.5Hz webG4EFO 51.0763,-0.1576  OPERATIONAL
GB3YCRV60 A 145.750 145.150IO94SC  DRIFFIELD TA016693 88.5Hz webM0KXQ 54.1099,-0.447  NOT OPERATIONAL
GB7NIRV60 DMF 145.750 145.150IO74BS  CARRICKFERGUS IJ387928 Hz GI6DKQ 54.7638,-5.8463  LICENSED

10 records found


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