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GB3DGRV62 AF 145.775 145.175IO74UV  NEWTON STEWART NX524578 103.5Hz webGM8CJG 54.8936,-4.3028  OPERATIONAL
GB3FRRV62 A 145.775 145.175JO03AE  SPILSBY LINCS. TF350680 71.9Hz webM1FJB 53.1707,0.0274  OPERATIONAL
GB3GNRV62 A 145.775 145.175IO87TA  BANCHORY NO783919 67.0Hz webGM4ZUK 57.0177,-2.359  REDUCED OUTPUT
GB3IGRV62 A 145.775 145.175IO68QE  STORNOWAY NB306305 88.5Hz webGM0LZE 58.1808,-6.5845  OPERATIONAL
GB3NLRV62 A 145.775 145.175IO91XP  NORTH LONDON TQ329968   G4DFB 51.6525,-0.0818  OPERATIONAL
GB3PWRV62 A 145.775 145.175IO82HL  NEWTOWN POWYS SO050875 103.5Hz webGW4IQP 52.4774,-3.3996  LICENSED
GB3RFRV62 ADMF 145.775 145.175IO83TR  ACCRINGTON SD755277 82.5Hz webM0NFI 53.7452,-2.3715  REDUCED OUTPUT
GB3WKRV62 A 145.775 145.175IO92FH  LEAMINGTON SPA SP335671   webG6FEO 52.3013,-1.5107  OPERATIONAL
GB3WTRV62 A 145.775 145.175IO64JQ  OMAGH IH511810 110.9Hz webGI3NVW 54.6743,-7.2091  OPERATIONAL
GB3WWRV62 F 145.775 145.175IO81CP  PORT TALBOT SS781936   MW0HAC 51.6285,-3.7621  OPERATIONAL
GB7DARV62 DMF 145.775 145.175IO85AV  AIRDRIE NS754676   GM4AUP 55.8854,-3.993  OPERATIONAL
GB7ERRV62 AF 145.775 145.175IO80GR  EXETER SX938939 77.0Hz webM0ZZT 50.7357,-3.5062  LICENSED
GB7IVRV62 D 145.775 145.175IO90IV  SOUTHAMPTON SU471118   webG4MYS 50.9044,-1.3303  OPERATIONAL
GB7TERV62 D 145.775 145.175JO01OT  CLACTON ON SEA TM218172   webG0MBA 51.809,1.215  OPERATIONAL

14 records found


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