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GB3CIRU66 AV 430.825 438.425IO92PM  CORBY SP894913 77.0Hz MALCOLM GRANT, G7HPE 52.5111,-0.682  OPERATIONAL
GB3IM-CRU66 AV 430.825 438.425IO74SD  DOUGLAS IOM SC371745 110.9Hz webDAVID ANTHONY OSBORN, GD4HOZ 54.1406,-4.4931  OPERATIONAL
GB3IM-RRU66 AV 430.825 438.425IO74TI  RAMSEY IOM SC450988 71.9Hz webDAVID ANTHONY OSBORN, GD4HOZ 54.3614,-4.386  OPERATIONAL
GB3KWRU66 FUSION 430.825 438.425IO75UV  GLASGOW NS558715 103.5Hz DOUGLAS HUTCHISON, GM7SVK 55.9153,-4.3077  OPERATIONAL
GB3NYRU66 AV 430.825 438.425IO94VC  BRIDLINGTON TA174690 88.5Hz PAUL TULLOCK, M0DPH 54.1042,-0.2057  OPERATIONAL
GB3UORU66 FUSION 430.825 438.425IO82LW  CHIRK SJ298392 110.9Hz MALCOLM BOBBY, GW0WZZ 52.946,-3.0454  LICENSED
GB3WURU66 AV 430.825 438.425IO82VE  WORCESTER SO857558 118.8Hz MICHAEL TUBBY, G8TIC 52.2011,-2.2095  OPERATIONAL
GB3ZBRU66 AV 430.825 438.425IO81QJ  BRISTOL ST554667 77.0Hz webMATTHEW BEASANT, G4RKY 51.3978,-2.6412  OPERATIONAL
GB3ZXRU66 AV 430.825 438.425JO00CT  EASTBOURNE TQ577018 88.5Hz STEVE WOODGATE, G6ZZX 50.7943,0.2362  OPERATIONAL
GB7CPRU66 FUSION 430.825 438.425IO91RO  SLOUGH SU994910   MARK WELLAND, M0WAQ 51.6097,-0.5653  LICENSED

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