Request Summary: GB7CY

Applicant Name:   BOB DINGLE, G0OCB

Station Data:  This is a DIGITAL VOICE repeater application.
(Please note this repeater is NOT to be licensed for ANALOGUE Voice repeat)
This DV Repeater to have C4FM/FUSION capability. 
70CMTX Frequency requested is: 439.6250MHz
NOTE: Frequency is provisional until clearance has been obtained. (NEW APPLICATION)
Proposed location: 3 km N (0deg) of CROOK    [VIEW Proposed location]
[Note: Locations may be shown to an approximation in some cases for security reasons]

Applicant comments:
Having had experience of mixed digital and analogue repeater operation with GB3CD we have found that some users are unable to cope with the additional complexity and we wish to separate fusion from the analogue capability of GB3CD. If successful this repeater will be fusion only with a WIRES-X dedicated link.I will then amend the NOV for GB3CD to be analogue only.

ETCC Vetting Agent: G3VVT  Agent can be contacted by email: g3vvt [at]
Date proposal submitted: 16 Oct 2017
NoV with Ofcom for Issue to Keeper: 17 Nov 2017 - all about UK amateur radio repeaters
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