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GB3AER50-0150.720051.2200AIO71MQ PEMBROKE DOCK SM955033 WM 94.8Hz GW4OZU 51.692 -4.9599 NOT.OP
GB3AMR50-1350.840051.3400AIO91QP AMERSHAM SU957955 SW 77.0Hz G0RDI 51.6502 -0.6168 OPERATING
GB3DBR50-0650.770051.2700AJO01HR DANBURY TL795061 SE 110.9Hz G6JYB 51.723 0.5976 OPERATING
GB3ECR50-1250.830051.3300AJO02HE BURY ST EDMUNDS TL784560 SE 110.9Hz G1YFF 52.1739 0.6089 OPERATING
GB3EFR50-0150.720051.2200AJO02NF STOWMARKET TM1164 SE 110.9Hz G1YFF52.241.10 OPERATING
GB3FHR50-0650.770051.2700AIO81OH SOMERSET ST436557 SW 77.0Hz G4RKY 51.2978 -2.8097 NOT.OP
GB3FXR50-1050.810051.3100AIO91OF FARNHAM SU821494 SW 82.5Hz G4EPX 51.2379 -0.8253 OPERATING
GB3GCR50-0250.730051.2300AIO70WN GUNNISLAKE SX407714 SW 77.0Hz M0YDW 50.5208 -4.248 OPERATING
GB3HFR50-0550.760051.2600AIO93HO BARNSLEY SE426101 NOR 71.9Hz G8POK 53.5857 -1.3581 NOT.OP
GB3HMR50-1150.820051.3200AIO93GA BELPER SK362453 MID 71.9Hz G8IQP 53.0037 -1.5617 OPERATING
GB3HXR50-0550.760051.2600AJO00HV HASTINGS TQ825120 SE 103.5Hz G8PUO 50.8787 0.5936 LICENSED
GB3LPR50-0450.750051.2500AIO83MK LIVERPOOL SJ381939 NOR 77.0Hz M1SWB 53.4382 -2.9333 OPERATING
GB3PXR50-0750.780051.2800AIO92XA ROYSTON TL372364 SE 77.0Hz M0ZPU 52.0098 -0.0018 OPERATING
GB3SLR50-0250.730051.2300AIO75XX KILSYTH NS731802 SCO 103.5Hz GM4COX 55.9975 -4.0381 OPERATING
GB3SXR50-0850.790051.2900AIO93BA STOKE ON TRENT SK059488 MID 103.5Hz G4SCY 53.0364 -1.9135 OPERATING
GB3TYR50-0750.780051.2800AIO74BS CARRICKFERGUS IJ387928 NI 110.9Hz GI6DKQ 54.7638 -5.8463 OPERATING
GB3UMR50-0350.740051.2400AIO92IQ MARKFIELD SK486108 MID 77.0Hz M1NAS 52.6928 -1.2824 OPERATING
GB3VIR50-1550.860051.3600AIO92BJ SUTTON COLDFIELD SP078957 MID 67.0Hz G8NDT 52.5597 -1.885 LICENSED
GB3WX6M50.520029.2100AIO81VC MERE WILTSHIRE ST867333 SW 77.0Hz G3ZXX 51.0988 -2.1913 OPERATING
GB3WYR50-0950.800051.3000AIO93EP WAKEFIELD SE229157 NOR 82.5Hz G1XCC 53.6378 -1.6551 OPERATING
GB3ZWR50-1050.810051.3100AIO82HL NEWTOWN POWYS SO050875 WM 103.5Hz GW4IQP 52.4774 -3.3996 LICENSED
GB3ZYR50-0950.800051.3000AIO81QJ BRISTOL ST554667 SW 77.0Hz G4RKY 51.3978 -2.6412 OPERATING

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