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GB3BPRU71430.8875438.4875FUSIONIO93GA BELPER SK371479 MID   G0MGX 53.0273 -1.4481 OPERATING
GB3CFRV48145.6000145.0000FUSIONIO92IQ MARKFIELD SK4010 MID 77.0Hz G4AFJ 52.69-1.28 OPERATING
GB3GRRU68430.8500438.4500FUSIONIO92QV GRANTHAM SK953355 MID 71.9Hz G8SAU 52.9093 -0.5841 OPERATING
GB3INRV51145.6375145.0375MULTIIO93GD ALFRETON SK354594 MID 71.9Hz/DMR1 G4TSN 53.1313 -1.4719 OPERATING
GB3LMRV58145.7250145.1250FUSIONIO93RF LINCOLN SK978718 MID 71.9Hz G7AVU 53.2343 -0.5363 OPERATING
GB3NPRU71430.8875438.4875FUSIONIO92LD TOWCESTER SP665524 MID 77.0Hz G4YKE 52.1665 -1.029 OPERATING
GB3THRB15433.3750434.9750FUSIONIO92DP TAMWORTH SK2004 MID 67.0Hz G8YUQ 52.631.70 OPERATING
GB3TORV49145.6125145.0125ANL/DSTARIO92NE NORTHAMPTON SP773533 MID 77.0Hz G6NYH 52.1724 -0.8725 OPERATING
GB3VTRV58145.7250145.1250ANL/DSTARIO83WA STOKE ON TRENT SJ9348 MID 103.5Hz G8NSS 53.03-2.10 OPERATING
GB3WLRU76430.9500438.550MULTIIO92BJ WYTHALL SP077762 MID 67.0Hz G3YXM 52.384 -1.8882 OPERATING
GB3WMRB02433.0500434.6500FUSIONIO92AJ LONGBRIDGE SP026778 MID 67.0Hz M0JZT 52.3988 -1.963 OPERATING
GB3XXRU73430.9125438.5125FUSIONIO92KG DAVENTRY SP570636 MID 77.0Hz G8KHF 52.2679 -1.1653 OPERATING
GB3ZIRU78430.9750438.575FUSIONIO82WT STAFFORD SJ945240 MID 103.5Hz G4YFF 52.8131 -2.0836 OPERATING
GB7DCDVU39439.4875430.4875MULTIIO92GW DERBY SK3837 MID DMR/1 G7NPW 52.94-1.44 OPERATING
GB7IPRV61145.7625145.1625ANL/DMRIO92NO LEICESTER SK739035 MID 77.0Hz/DMR1 M1FJB 52.6248 -0.909 LICENSED
GB7KERU78430.9750438.575MULTIIO92PJ KETTERING SP853776 MID   G3XFA 52.3906 -0.7468 OPERATING

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