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GB7FODVU-R22430.2750439.2750DMRIO83LT BLACKPOOL SD319350 NOR DMR/1 G0WDA 53.807 -3.0345 LICENSED
GB3IMRU66430.8250438.4250AVIO74SD DOUGLAS IOM SC371745 NOR 110.9Hz GD4HOZ 54.1406 -4.4931 OPERATING
GB3IMRU66430.8250438.4250AVIO74TI RAMSEY IOM SC450988 NOR 71.9Hz GD4HOZ 54.3614 -4.386 OPERATING
GB3NYRU66430.8250438.4250AVIO94VC BRIDLINGTON TA174690 NOR 88.5Hz M0DPH 54.1042 -0.2057 OPERATING
GB3FCRU68430.8500438.4500AVIO83LU BLACKPOOL SD312408 NOR 82.5Hz G6AOS 53.8588 -3.0475 OPERATING
GB3IMRU70430.8750438.4750AVIO74PF PEEL SC240837 NOR 110.9Hz GD4HOZ 54.2193 -4.6997 OPERATING
GB7HNRU70430.8750438.4750FUSIONIO83RL LEIGH SJ642981 NOR 82.5Hz M0HOY 53.4787 -2.5405 OPERATING
GB7KLRU70430.8750438.4750FUSIONIO84RD KIRKBY LONSDALE SD635743 NOR 110.9Hz M1JCB 54.1637 -2.5593 LICENSED
GB3XLRU71430.8875438.4875ANL/DMRIO93CT SHIPLEY SE157369 NOR 82.5Hz/DMR1 M0IRK 53.8287 -1.7626 DMR ONLY (TEMP)
GB3PZRU72430.9000438.5000FUSIONIO83XL DUKINFIELD SJ955969 NOR 82.5Hz G4ZPZ 53.4688 -2.0692 LICENSED
GB7BRRU74430.9250438.525DMRIO74TI RAMSEY IOM SC450988 NOR DMR/3 GD4HOZ 54.3614 -4.386 OPERATING
GB7CARU74430.9250438.525DMRIO74SD DOUGLAS SC371745 NOR DMR/2 GD4HOZ 54.1406 -4.4931 OPERATING
GB3WPRU75430.9375438.5375AVIO83XL HYDE SJ980959 NOR 82.5Hz G6YRK 53.46 -2.03 OPERATING
GB7JLRU77430.9625438.5625ANL/DMRIO83QL WIGAN SJ616982 NOR 82.5Hz/DMR1 G1EFU 53.4799 -2.5786 OPERATING
GB7SHRU77430.9625438.5625FUSIONIO93GK SHEFFIELD SK370914 NOR 71.9Hz M1ERS 53.4188 -1.4437 OPERATING
GB7FFRU78430.9750438.575FUSIONIO83LT BLACKPOOL SD319350 NOR 82.5Hz G0WDA 53.807 -3.0345 LICENSED
GB3NTRB0433.0000434.6000FUSIONIO94FW NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE NZ268601 NOR 118.8Hz G7UUR 54.9356 -1.5828 NOT.OP
GB3PFRB0433.0000434.6000AVIO83VT NELSON SD858369 NOR 82.5Hz M0NFI 53.8289 -2.2166 OPERATING
GB3SORB0433.0000434.6000MULTIJO03AR WITHERNSEA TA3328 NOR 71.9Hz/DMR8 M0MFP53.740.03 OPERATING
GB3USRB0433.0000434.6000AVIO93GI SHEFFIELD SK358864 NOR 103.5Hz G4CUI 53.3732 -1.4635 LICENSED
GB3DVRB01433.0250434.6250AVIO93JK MALTBY SK538923 NOR 71.9Hz G0EPX 53.4248 -1.1918 OPERATING
GB3HJRB01433.0250434.6250AVIO94EB HARROGATE SE227632 NOR 118.8Hz G4MEM 54.0647 -1.6543 OPERATING
GB3MARB01433.0250434.6250AVIO83UO BURY SD833133 NOR 82.5Hz G7LWT 53.616 -2.2539 OPERATING
GB3MFRB02433.0500434.6500AVIO83WG MACCLESFIELD SJ938763 NOR 103.5Hz G1JVF 53.2833 -2.0943 NOT.OP
GB3KURB03433.0750434.6750AVIO83XM ASHTON-U-LYNE SD948016 NOR 82.5Hz M0NCZ 53.5118 -2.0788 OPERATING
GB3VERB04433.1000434.7000AVIO84SQ DUFTON NY704318 NOR 77.0Hz G7ITT 54.6798 -2.462 OPERATING
GB3IMRB05433.1250434.7250AVIO74SG DOUGLAS IOM SC397879 NOR 110.9Hz GD4HOZ 54.2639 -4.461 OPERATING
GB3SYRB06433.1500434.7500AVIO93EN BARNSLEY SE2206 NOR 71.9Hz G8POK53.56-1.66 LICENSED
GB3SYRB06433.1500434.7500AVIO93HO BARNSLEY SE426101 NOR 71.9Hz G8POK 53.5857 -1.3581 OPERATING
GB3ABRB07433.1750434.7750AVIO93FK SHEFFIELD SK305915 NOR 82.5Hz M0GAV 53.4202 -1.5411 OPERATING
GB3TSRB07433.1750434.7750FUSIONIO94GX SUNDERLAND NZ357512 NOR 118.8Hz G7MFN 54.855 -1.4445 OPERATING
GB7SJRB07433.1750434.7750FUSIONIO83RF NORTHWICH SJ656696 NOR 103.5Hz M0WTX 53.223 -2.5164 OPERATING
GB3HDRB09433.2250434.8250FUSIONIO93BP HUDDERSFIELD SE085166 NOR 82.5Hz G0ISX 53.6459 -1.8735 OPERATING
GB3LIRB10433.2500434.8500AVIO83LL LIVERPOOL SJ328965 NOR 82.5Hz G3WIC 53.4609 -3.0136 OPERATING
GB3TJRB12433.3000434.9000FUSIONIO85XA CORBRIDGE NY984707 NOR 118.8Hz G7UUR 55.0333 -2.0276 OPERATING
GB3CARB13433.3250434.9250AVIO84OT CARLISLE NY469473 NOR 77.0Hz G1XSZ 54.8164 -2.8273 NOT.OP
GB3LFRB14433.3500434.9500AVIO84PH KENDAL SD543920 NOR 110.9Hz G3VVT 54.3213 -2.7048 OPERATING
GB3MRRB14433.3500434.9500AVIO83XH STOCKPORT SJ973814 NOR 82.5Hz G8LZO 53.3294 -2.0413 OPERATING
GB3WFRB14433.3500434.9500FUSIONIO93DV OTLEY SE206440 NOR 82.5Hz M0SNW 53.8918 -1.688 OPERATING
GB3PPRB15433.3750434.9750AVIO83PS PRESTON SD536330 NOR 82.5Hz M0NED 53.7912 -2.7058 OPERATING
GB7TDDVU13439.1625430.1625DMRIO93EP WAKEFIELD SE229157 NOR DMR/1 G1XCC 53.6378 -1.6551 OPERATING
GB7LPDVU32439.4000430.400DMRIO83MK LIVERPOOL SJ381939 NOR DMR/1 M1SWB 53.4382 -2.9333 OPERATING
GB7WIDVU33439.4125430.4125DMRIO93TR HULL TA099287 NOR DMR/1 G0UZJ 53.7439 -0.3343 OPERATING
GB7HSDVU34439.4250430.4250DMRIO93DQ CLECKHEATON SE192227 NOR DMR/2 G1XCC 53.7004 -1.7095 OPERATING
GB7XYDVU34439.4250430.4250DMRIO94EX NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE NZ248644 NOR DMR/10 G1HZI 54.9742 -1.6132 LICENSED
GB7NADVU36439.4500430.4500D-STARIO93DT PUDSEY SE214335 NOR   G1FYS 53.7976 -1.6752 LICENSED
GB7NEDVU36439.4500430.4500D-STARIO95FE ASHINGTON NZ304873 NOR   G0UDZ 55.1793 -1.5228 OPERATING
GB7JCDVU37439.4625430.4625DMRIO83MK LIVERPOOL SJ34910905022 NOR DMR/3 G7KDZ 53.4479 -2.9815 OPERATING
GB7XXDVU37439.4625430.4625DMRIO94FW FELLING NZ275618 NOR DMR/10 G4MSF 54.9507 -1.5707 OPERATING
GB7TVDVU38439.4750430.4750D-STARIO94LN NEW MARSKE NZ618207 NOR   M0RIG 54.5782 -1.0442 OPERATING
GB7HUDVU39439.4875430.4875D-STARIO93RS SOUTH CAVE SE954325 NOR   G0VRM 53.7799 -0.5539 OPERATING
GB7WCDVU39439.4875430.4875D-STARIO83QI WARRINGTON SJ576830 NOR   G4VSS 53.3428 -2.6378 OPERATING
GB7UZDVU40439.5000430.5000DMRIO84OB LANCASTER SD481610 NOR DMR/1 G4TUZ 54.0426 -2.7936 OPERATING
GB7WXDVU41439.5125430.5125DMR/C4FMIO83OE TARVIN SJ488664 NOR DMR/3 G7NEH 53.1928 -2.7667 OPERATING
GB7YD-BDVU41439.5125430.5125D-STARIO93HO BARNSLEY SE426101 NOR   G8POK 53.5857 -1.3581 OPERATING
GB7YRDVU42439.5250430.5250DMRIO93JL DONCASTER SK513988 NOR DMR/2 M1DAH 53.4834 -1.2284 OPERATING
GB7LFDVU43439.5375430.5375D-STARIO84OA LANCASTER SD501599 NOR   G3VVT 54.0325 -2.7632 OPERATING
GB7HXDVU46439.5750430.575DMRIO93BP HUDDERSFIELD SE085166 NOR DMR/1 G0ISX 53.6459 -1.8735 OPERATING
GB7YIDVU46439.5750430.575DMRIO84WX HEXHAM NY935643 NOR DMR/10 G1HZI 54.9741 -2.103 OPERATING
GB7DVDVU49439.6125430.6125D-STARIO83QJ ST. HELENS SJ492939 NOR   G1DVA 53.44 -2.7657 OPERATING
GB7TYDVU49439.6125430.6125D-STARIO84XX HEXHAM NY9766 NOR   G1HZI54.99-2.05 OPERATING
GB7CYDVU50439.6250430.6250C4FMIO94DR CROOK NZ165378 NOR   G0OCB 54.7349 -1.7453 OPERATING
GB7RVDVU50439.6250430.6250DMRIO83ST BLACKBURN SD6832 NOR DMR/2 M0NWI53.79-2.47 OPERATING
GB7SRDVU51439.6375430.6375DMRIO93GK SHEFFIELD SK333924 NOR DMR/2 M0GAV 53.4281 -1.4989 OPERATING
GB7DJDVU53439.6625430.6625DMRIO83RF NORTHWICH SJ656696 NOR DMR/3 M0WTX 53.223 -2.5164 OPERATING
GB7LEDVU53439.6625430.6625DMRIO93FU LEEDS SE306394 NOR DMR/2 G1XCC 53.8507 -1.5349 OPERATING
GB7BFDVU54439.6750430.675DMR/DSTARIO83LS BLACKPOOL SD307332 NOR DMR/5 M0DKR 53.7906 -3.0521 OPERATING
GB7SNDVU54439.6750430.675DMRIO93GH SHEFFIELD SK349811 NOR DMR/1 M1ERS 53.3259 -1.4764 NOT.OP
GB7TPDVU55439.6875430.6875MULTIIO93CT SHIPLEY SE130367 NOR DMR/1 M0IRK 53.8269 -1.8029 OPERATING
GB7MBDVU56439.7000430.700DMRIO84NA HEYSHAM SD412608 NOR DMR/1 G4TUZ 54.04 -2.8983 OPERATING
GB7ELDVU57439.7125430.7125DMRIO83VT NELSON SD8636 NOR DMR/2 G4BLH53.82-2.21 OPERATING
GB7MRDVU59439.7375430.7375DMRIO83XN OLDHAM SD956075 NOR DMR/2 G1XCC 53.5647 -2.0674 NOT.OP
GB7WPDVU61439.7625430.7625D-STARIO83KJ BIRKENHEAD SJ275880 NOR   G4BKF 53.3842 -3.0906 OPERATING
GB7MYDVU62439.7750430.7750D-STARIO83SN BOLTON SD703085 NOR   G4YYB 53.5727 -2.4493 OPERATING

74 records found. - all about UK amateur radio repeaters
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