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GB3NZ2M145.6000145.0000AVJO02PP CATTON TG224109 SE 94.8Hz M0ZAH 52.6501 1.2877 NOT.OP
GB3ELRV48145.6000145.0000AVJO01AM LONDON TQ416835 SE 82.5Hz G4RZZ 51.5327 0.0408 OPERATING
GB3NZRV48145.6000145.0000AVJO02QP THORPE ST ANDREW TG279100 SE 94.8Hz M0ZAH 52.6401 1.3684 NOT.OP
GB7SBRV48145.6000145.0000D-STARIO90WT BRIGHTON TQ328051 SE   G0TJH 50.8311 -0.1145 OPERATING
GB3TERV49145.6125145.0125AVJO01OU FRINTON ON SEA TM194218 SE 67.0Hz G0MBA 51.8517 1.1845 OPERATING
GB3KSRV50145.6250145.0250AVJO01PA DOVER TR320435 SE 103.5Hz M1CMN 51.1446 1.3168 OPERATING
GB3MHRV50145.6250145.0250AVIO91WC EAST GRINSTEAD TQ337354 SE 88.5Hz G3NZP 51.1022 -0.0909 REDUCED
GB3NBRV50145.6250145.0250AVJO02PN NORWICH TG258026 SE 94.8Hz G8VLL 52.5747 1.3316 OPERATING
GB3PORV52145.6500145.0500AVJO02OB IPSWICH TM193447 SE 110.9Hz G7CIY 52.0573 1.1974 OPERATING
GB3KIRV53145.6625145.0625ANL/DSTARJO01NI HERNE BAY TR192672 SE 103.5Hz G4TKR 51.3619 1.1481 OPERATING
GB7IC-CRV53145.6625145.0625ANL/DSTARJO01NI HERNE BAY TR192672 SE   G4TKR 51.3619 1.1481 OPERATING
GB3ESRV54145.6750145.0750AVJO00HV HASTINGS TQ824121 SE 103.5Hz G6ZZX 50.88 0.5922 NOT.OP
GB3PERV54145.6750145.0750AVIO92TN PETERBOROUGH TF332042 SE 94.8Hz M0ZPU 52.6188 -0.033 OPERATING
GB3EARV55145.6875145.0875AVJO02GE WICKHAMBROOK TL742577 SE 110.9Hz G1YFF 52.1907 0.5472 OPERATING
GB3XPRV55145.6875145.0875FUSIONIO91VJ MORDEN TQ265661 SE 82.5Hz M0SGL 51.3801 -0.1832 OPERATING
GB3KNRV56145.7000145.1000AVJO01HH MAIDSTONE TQ806585 SE 103.5Hz G3VFC 51.2974 0.59 OPERATING
GB3KYRV57145.7125145.1125AVJO02FS KINGS LYNN TF673233 SE 94.8Hz G1SCQ 52.7814 0.4791 OPERATING
GB7OKRV57145.7125145.1125D-STARJO01BJ BROMLEY TQ463684 SE   G1HIG 51.3959 0.1029 NOT.OP
GB3DARV58145.7250145.1250AVJO01GR DANBURY TL779050 SE 110.9Hz G6JYB 51.7157 0.5744 OPERATING
GB7NMRV59145.7375145.1375DSTAR/C4FMJO02LM ATTLEBOURGH TM019955 SE   G0LGJ 52.5231 0.9719 NOT.OP
GB3FKRV60145.7500145.1500AVJO01OC FOLKESTONE TR223368 SE 103.5Hz M1CMN 51.0882 1.1731 OPERATING
GB3PIRV60145.7500145.1500AVIO92XA ROYSTON TL372364 SE 77.0Hz M0ZPU 52.0098 -0.0018 OPERATING
GB3WSRV60145.7500145.1500AVIO91WB CRAWLEY SUSSEX TQ292324 SE 88.5Hz G4EFO 51.0763 -0.1576 OPERATING
GB3IKRV61145.7625145.1625AVJO01FJ ROCHESTER TQ731701 SE 103.5Hz G6CKK 51.4038 0.4889 OPERATING
GB3NLRV62145.7750145.1750AVIO91XP NORTH LONDON TQ329968 SE   G4DFB 51.6525 -0.0818 OPERATING
GB7TERV62145.7750145.1750D-STARJO01OT CLACTON ON SEA TM218172 SE   G0MBA 51.809 1.215 OPERATING
GB3EBRV63145.7875145.1875AVJO00BW UCKFIELD TQ509183 SE 88.5Hz G8PUO 50.9454 0.147 OPERATING
GB7FK-CRV63145.7875145.1875D-STARJO01OC FOLKESTONE TR250387 SE   M1CMN 51.1032 1.2138 OPERATING

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