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GB3BVRB01433.0250434.6250AFIO91SR HEMEL HEMPSTEAD TL084041 SE 82.5Hz G3YXZ 51.7252 -0.432 OPERATING
GB3KIRV53145.6625145.0625ADJO01NI HERNE BAY TR192672 SE 103.5Hz G4TKR 51.3619 1.1481 OPERATING
GB3KLRB04433.1000434.7000AFJO02FR KINGS LYNN TF636155 SE 94.8Hz G0IJU 52.7126 0.4205 OPERATING
GB3PCRU69430.8625438.4625AFIO92UO PETERBOROUGH TF164001 SE 94.8Hz M0RHG 52.5869 -0.2824 OPERATING
GB3WIRB15433.3750434.9750AFJO02BP WISBECH TF4509 SE 94.8Hz M0DUQ52.660.15 OPERATING
GB3XPRV55145.6875145.0875AFIO91VJ MORDEN TQ265661 SE 82.5Hz M0SGL 51.3801 -0.1832 OPERATING
GB7BNDVU47439.5875430.5875DMIO90PT BOGNOR REGIS SU926014 SE DMR/3 G0TJH 50.8051 -0.6858 OPERATING
GB7CERU66430.8250438.4250FJO01KV COLCHESTER TL979266 SE 67.0Hz G0MBA 51.9035 0.8756 OPERATING
GB7DSDVU34439.4250430.4250AMJO02PP NORWICH TG224109 SE 94.8Hz/DMR1 M0ZAH 52.6501 1.2877 OPERATING
GB7HFRB04433.1000434.7000AFIO91VR WELHAM GREEN TL233057 SE 82.5Hz G1YJH 51.7372 -0.2145 OPERATING
GB7KHDVU49439.6125430.6125DMFJO01DQ KELVEDON HATCH TQ561994 SE DMR/3 M1GEO 51.6716 0.2564 OPERATING
GB7MHDVU51439.6375430.6375DMIO91WC EAST GRINSTEAD TQ337354 SE DMR/2 G3NZP 51.1022 -0.091 OPERATING
GB7PPDVU35439.4375430.4375DMFJO02MG IPSWICH TM104660 SE DMR/1 G0FEA 52.2522 1.0811 OPERATING
GB7PTDVU57439.7125430.7125DMFIO92XA ROYSTON TL372364 SE   M0ZPU 52.0098 -0.0018 OPERATING
GB7RYRU76430.9500438.550AFJO00HW RYE TQ830200 SE 103.5Hz M0HOW 50.9508 0.6052 OPERATING
GB7SVRB11433.2750434.8750AFIO91UW HITCHIN TL201270 SE 82.5Hz G6YIQ 51.9286 -0.2547 OPERATING

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