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GB3AARV53145.6625145.0625AFIO81RO BRISTOL ST6288 SW 94.8Hz G4CJZ51.59-2.54 OPERATING
GB3ACRU78430.9750438.575AIO81SR LYDNEY GLOS SO6702 SW 94.8Hz G4CJZ51.72-2.47 OPERATING
GB3AKRM14A1297.3501291.350AIO81RO BRISTOL ST6288 SW 94.8Hz G4CJZ51.59-2.54 OPERATING
GB3ALRV59145.7375145.1375AIO91QP AMERSHAM SU957955 SW 77.0Hz G0RDI 51.6502 -0.6168 OPERATING
GB3AMR50-1350.840051.3400AIO91QP AMERSHAM SU957955 SW 77.0Hz G0RDI 51.6502 -0.6168 OPERATING
GB3AURB07433.1750434.7750AIO91QP AMERSHAM SU957955 SW 82.5Hz G0RDI 51.6502 -0.6168 OPERATING
GB3AVRB02433.0500434.6500AIO91OT AYLESBURY SP819135 SW 118.8Hz G8BQH 51.8141 -0.8133 NOT.OP
GB3AWRB10433.2500434.8500AIO91HH NEWBURY SU417578 SW 71.9Hz G8DOR 51.3178 -1.403 OPERATING
GB3BNRB0433.0000434.6000AIO91OJ BRACKNELL SU838690 SW 118.8Hz G8DOR 51.4138 -0.7964 OPERATING
GB3BSRU68430.8500438.4500AIO81TK BRISTOL ST716702 SW 118.8Hz G4SDR 51.4305 -2.4091 OPERATING
GB3CGRV58145.7250145.1250AIO81VU GLOUCESTER SO881188 SW 118.8Hz G3LVP 51.8683 -2.1755 OPERATING
GB3CHRB02433.0500434.6500AIO70SM LISKEARD SX271705 SW 77.0Hz G4RKY 50.5096 -4.4393 OPERATING
GB3DIRB06433.1500434.7500AIO91IN DIDCOT SU4886 SW 118.8Hz G8CUL51.57-1.31 OPERATING
GB3DNRV51145.6375145.0375AIO70UW STIBB CROSS SS413163 SW 77.0Hz G1BHM 50.9246 -4.2591 OPERATING
GB3DQRU78430.9750438.575AIO70RI POLPERRO SX213517 SW 77.0Hz G1YDQ 50.3388 -4.5118 OPERATING
GB3DRRV59145.7375145.1375AIO80QR DORCHESTER SY5593 SW 71.9Hz G6WHI50.74-2.64 OPERATING
GB3DTRB0433.0000434.6000AFIO80WU BLANDFORD ST916079 SW 71.9Hz G0ZEP 50.8705 -2.1207 OPERATING
GB3EWRV49145.6125145.0125AIO80FR EXETER SX923953 SW 77.0Hz G8XQQ 50.7473 -3.5267 OPERATING
GB3EXRU76430.9500438.550AIO80GT SILVERTON SS965051 SW 77.0Hz G7NBU 50.8359 -3.4703 OPERATING
GB3FHR50-0650.770051.2700AIO81OH SOMERSET ST436557 SW 77.0Hz G4RKY 51.2978 -2.8097 OPERATING
GB3FIRU74430.9250438.525AMIO81OH CHEDDAR ST436557 SW 77.0Hz/DMR3 G4RKY 51.2978 -2.8097 NOT.OP
GB3FMRM21297.0501291.050AIO91OF FARNHAM SU821494 SW 100.0Hz G4EPX 51.2379 -0.8253 OPERATING
GB3FNRB15433.3750434.9750AIO91OF FARNHAM SU821494 SW 82.5Hz G4EPX 51.2379 -0.8253 REDUCED
GB3FXR50-1050.810051.3100AIO91OF FARNHAM SU821494 SW 82.5Hz G4EPX 51.2379 -0.8253 OPERATING
GB3GCR50-0250.730051.2300AIO70WN GUNNISLAKE SX407714 SW 77.0Hz G1VQG 50.5208 -4.248 NOT.OP
GB3GHRB05433.1250434.7250AIO81VU GLOUCESTER SO880188 SW 118.8Hz G3LVP 51.8683 -2.1755 OPERATING
GB3GJRV51145.6375145.0375AIN89WE ST HELIER SW 71.9Hz GJ8PVL 49.2 -2.1142 OPERATING
GB3GURB13433.3250434.9250AIN89RK GUERNSEY GY1 2DL SW 71.9Hz GU6EFB 49.4572 -2.5368 OPERATING
GB3HBRB15433.3750434.9750AFIO70OJ ROCHE SW991574 SW 77.0Hz G4WVD 50.3821 -4.8263 OPERATING
GB3IERU68430.8500438.4500AIO70XJ PLYMOUTH SX501566 SW 77.0Hz G7DQC 50.3896 -4.1183 OPERATING
GB3IWRB09433.2250434.8250AIO90JQ RYDE SZ547872 SW 71.9Hz G4IKI 50.682 -1.2266 OPERATING
GB3JBRV63145.7875145.1875AIO81VC MERE WILTSHIRE ST867333 SW 103.5Hz G3ZXX 51.0988 -2.1913 OPERATING
GB3JLRV63145.7875145.1875AIO70SM LISKEARD SX271705 SW 77.0Hz G4RKY 50.5096 -4.4393 OPERATING
GB3JURU72430.9000438.5000AIN89WE ST HELIER IN89WE SW 88.5Hz GJ8PVL 49.2 -2.1142 OPERATING
GB3MKRB0433.0000434.6000AFIO92OB MILTON KEYNES SP852391 SW 77.0Hz G4CAK 52.0438 -0.7591 OPERATING
GB3NCRV58145.7250145.1250AFIO70OJ ROCHE SW991574 SW 77.0Hz G4WVD 50.3821 -4.8263 OPERATING
GB3NDRB14433.3500434.9500AIO71VA BIDEFORD SS441258 SW 77.0Hz G4SOF 51.0109 -4.2234 OPERATING
GB3NERV61145.7625145.1625AIO91HJ NEWBURY SU453647 SW 118.8Hz G6IBI 51.3804 -1.3491 LICENSED
GB3PBRV50145.6250145.0250AIO90AR POOLE SZ042920 SW 71.9Hz G7ICH 50.7284 -1.9405 OPERATING
GB3PLRV61145.7625145.1625AIO70VM E.CORNWALL SX407714 SW 77.0Hz G1VQG 50.5207 -4.2485 NOT.OP
GB3RDRV54145.6750145.0750AIO91JM READING SU555803 SW 118.8Hz G8DOR 51.5192 -1.2011 OPERATING
GB3RHRB11433.2750434.8750AIO80MS AXMINSTER SY325966 SW 94.8Hz G6WWY 50.7651 -2.9585 OPERATING
GB3RURB11433.2750434.8750AIO91LK READING SU666731 SW 118.8Hz G8DOR 51.4521 -1.0438 OPERATING
GB3SDRB14433.3500434.9500AIO80SQ WEYMOUTH SY677858 SW 71.9Hz G0EVW 50.6711 -2.4572 OPERATING
GB3SFRU75430.9375438.5375AIO81DA SOUTH MOLTON SS783279 SW 77.0Hz G6SQX 51.0385 -3.7358 OPERATING
GB3SHRV53145.6625145.0625AIO90IV SOUTHAMPTON SU471118 SW   G4MYS 50.9044 -1.3303 LICENSED
GB3SIRV50145.6250145.0250AIO70JB HELSTON SW684218 SW   M1ERD 50.0505 -5.2357 OPERATING
GB3SNRV58145.7250145.1250AIO91LC ALTON HANTS SU673361 SW 71.9Hz G4EPX 51.1198 -1.0402 OPERATING
GB3SURB08433.2000434.8000AIO90IV SOUTHAMPTON SU471118 SW   G4MYS 50.9044 -1.3303 LICENSED
GB3SWRV57145.7125145.1125AIO80JR SIDMOUTH SY157922 SW 77.0Hz G6XUV 50.7235 -3.1931 OPERATING
GB3TDRB03433.0750434.6750AIO91DL SWINDON SU208765 SW 118.8Hz G4XUT 51.4871 -1.7007 OPERATING
GB3TRRV52145.6500145.0500AIO80FM TORQUAY SX913680 SW 94.8Hz G8XST 50.502 -3.535 OPERATING
GB3TURB09433.2250434.8250AIO91PS TRING HERTS SP905085 SW 77.0Hz G0RDI 51.7679 -0.6897 OPERATING
GB3UBRB04433.1000434.7000AIO81UJ BATH AVON ST773646 SW 118.8Hz G4KVI 51.38 -2.3275 OPERATING
GB3UKRU69430.8625438.4625AIO81XW CHELTENHAM SO993248 SW 103.5Hz G0LGS 51.922 -2.0105 OPERATING
GB3VARV56145.7000145.1000AIO91LT BRILL SP656138 SW 118.8Hz G8BQH 51.819 -1.0497 OPERATING
GB3VSRB03433.0750434.6750AIO80LX TAUNTON ST242188 SW 94.8Hz G4UVZ 50.9636 -3.0807 OPERATING
GB3WBRB12433.3000434.9000AIO81MH WESTON-S-MARE ST338580 SW 94.8Hz G1VSX 51.3173 -2.9506 OPERATING
GB3WDRV56145.7000145.1000AIO70WJ PLYMOUTH SX480550 SW 77.0Hz G7LUL 50.3752 -4.139 OPERATING
GB3WERV55145.6875145.0875DMIO81MH WESTON-S-MARE ST338580 SW 94.8Hz/DMR1 G4SZM 51.3173 -2.9506 OPERATING
GB3WHRV52145.6500145.0500AIO91EM SWINDON SU236814 SW 118.8Hz G4LDL 51.5307 -1.6627 OPERATING
GB3WRRV48145.6000145.0000AFIO81PH CHEDDAR ST498568 SW 94.8Hz G4RKY 51.3081 -2.7215 OPERATING
GB3WX10M29.210050.5200AIO81VC MERE WILTSHIRE ST867333 SW 77.0Hz G3ZXX 51.0988 -2.1913 OPERATING
GB3WX6M50.520029.2100AIO81VC MERE WILTSHIRE ST867333 SW 77.0Hz G3ZXX 51.0988 -2.1913 OPERATING
GB3YSRB02433.0500434.6500AIO80QW YEOVIL SOMERSET ST5717 SW 88.5Hz G3ZXX50.95-2.61 OPERATING
GB3ZBRU66430.8250438.4250AIO81QJ BRISTOL ST554667 SW 77.0Hz G4RKY 51.3978 -2.6412 OPERATING
GB3ZYR50-0950.800051.3000AIO81QJ BRISTOL ST554667 SW 77.0Hz G4RKY 51.3978 -2.6412 OPERATING
GB7AADVU54439.6750430.675AMIO81RO BRISTOL ST6288 SW DMR/1 G4CJZ51.59-2.54 OPERATING
GB7ADDVU61439.7625430.7625DIO81RO BRISTOL ST6288 SW   G4CJZ51.59-2.54 OPERATING
GB7AUDVU56439.7000430.700DIO91QP AMERSHAM SU957955 SW   G0RDI 51.6502 -0.6168 OPERATING
GB7AVDVU35439.4375430.4375MIO91OT AYLESBURY SP819135 SW DMR/3 G0RAS 51.8145 -0.8124 OPERATING
GB7BDRU76430.9500438.550MIO81QJ BRISTOL ST554667 SW DMR/3 G4RKY 51.3978 -2.6412 OPERATING
GB7BKDVU59439.7375430.7375MIO91JM READING SU555803 SW DMR/3 G8DOR 51.5192 -1.2011 OPERATING
GB7BPDVU36439.4500430.4500DIO91PX MILTON KEYNES SP865339 SW   M1ACB 51.9974 -0.7401 OPERATING
GB7BSDVU13439.1625430.1625MIO81TK BRISTOL ST716702 SW DMR/3 G4SDR 51.4305 -2.4091 OPERATING
GB7CCDVU-R22430.2750439.2750MIO81XW CHELTENHAM SO9924 SW DMR/2 G8WVW51.92-2.01 OPERATING
GB7CMRV56145.7000145.1000AFIO80WU BLANDFORD ST916079 SW 71.9Hz M0MRP 50.8707 -2.1207 OPERATING
GB7CPRU66430.8250438.4250FIO91RO SLOUGH SU994910 SW   M0WAQ 51.6097 -0.5653 OPERATING
GB7CTRV51145.6375145.0375MIO91PS TRING SP905085 SW DMR/3 G0RDI 51.7679 -0.6897 OPERATING
GB7DBDVU53439.6625430.6625DIO92RA WOBURN SANDS SP255368 SW   G0WTZ 52.0224 -0.6526 OPERATING
GB7DRDVU34439.4250430.4250MIO90AR POOLE SZ036933 SW DMR/5 G7ICH 50.7396 -1.9495 LICENSED
GB7EDDVU54439.6750430.675MIO80GR EXETER SX938939 SW DMR/5 M0ZZT 50.7357 -3.5062 LICENSED
GB7ERRV62145.7750145.1750AFIO80GR EXETER SX938939 SW 77.0Hz M0ZZT 50.7357 -3.5062 LICENSED
GB7FHDVU49439.6125430.6125DIO90JU FAREHAM SU577075 SW   G6ORL 50.8643 -1.1813 OPERATING
GB7FIRU71430.8875438.4875AMIO81OH AXBRIDGE ST443556 SW 77.0Hz/DMR3 G4RKY 51.297 -2.8 OPERATING
GB7IERV54145.6750145.0750FIO70WJ PLYMOUTH SX500565 SW 77.0Hz G7DIR 50.3901 -4.11 LICENSED
GB7ISDVU43439.5375430.5375FIO81MH WESTON-S-MARE ST338580 SW   G4SZM 51.3173 -2.9506 OPERATING
GB7ITDVU41439.5125430.5125MIO81MH WESTON-S-MARE ST338580 SW DMR/1 G4SZM 51.3173 -2.9506 OPERATING
GB7IVRV62145.7750145.1750DIO90IV SOUTHAMPTON SU471118 SW   G4MYS 50.9044 -1.3303 OPERATING
GB7JIRU68430.8500438.4500DMFIN89WE ST HELIER IN89WE SW DMR/5 GJ8PVL 49.2 -2.1151 NOT.OP
GB7KMDVU53439.6625430.6625MIO81XQ CIRENCESTER ST961967 SW DMR/3 G0RMA 51.6698 -2.0574 OPERATING
GB7KTDVU40439.5000430.5000MIO91GE ANDOVER SU356453 SW DMR/1 G3ZXX 51.2059 -1.4914 OPERATING
GB7MCDVU43439.5375430.5375DIO70OJ ST AUSTELL SW991574 SW   M1DNS 50.3819 -4.8282 NOT.OP
GB7MJDVU51439.6375430.6375MIO91GA ROMSEY SU363232 SW DMR/5 G3ZXX 51.0077 -1.4836 OPERATING
GB7MTDVU46439.5750430.575FIO90IV SOUTHAMPTON SU471118 SW   G4MYS 50.9044 -1.3303 LICENSED
GB7NLDVU37439.4625430.4625DIO80FR EXETER SX938939 SW   M0ZZT 50.7354 -3.5061 NOT.OP
GB7PMDVU35439.4375430.4375FIO81PH CHEDDAR ST498568 SW   G4SUH 51.3081 -2.7215 OPERATING
GB7RDDVU55439.6875430.6875MIO70XM YELVERTON SX5368 SW DMR/3 G6BJJ50.50-4.07 LICENSED
GB7RNRV51145.6375145.0375DIO90JT FAREHAM SU572041 SW   G3ZDF 50.8343 -1.1884 OPERATING
GB7SDDVU33439.4125430.4125MIO80SQ WEYMOUTH SY677858 SW DMR/1 G0EVW 50.6714 -2.4577 OPERATING
GB7SODVU42439.5250430.5250DMIO90KT GOSPORT SU603011 SW DMR/1 G7CHO 50.8069 -1.1451 OPERATING
GB7SUDVU36439.4500430.4500MIO90HV SOUTHAMPTON SU412117 SW DMR/8 G6IGA 50.9039 -1.4176 OPERATING
GB7SWRV51145.6375145.0375DIO81VH TROWBRIDGE ST868585 SW DMR/2 G0RMA 51.326 -2.1898 OPERATING
GB7SZRU75430.9375438.5375AFIO90AR POOLE SZ043925 SW 71.9Hz M1EZF 50.7325 -1.939 OPERATING
GB7TCDVU42439.5250430.5250MIO91DL SWINDON SU208765 SW DMR/2 G8VRI 51.4871 -1.7007 OPERATING
GB7TQRU71430.8875438.4875AFIO80FM TORQUAY SX913680 SW 94.8Hz G8XST 50.502 -3.535 OPERATING
GB7WBDVU39439.4875430.4875DMFIO81MH WESTON-S-MARE ST338580 SW DMR/2 G4SZM 51.3173 -2.9506 OPERATING
GB7WLDVU37439.4625430.4625MIO91QP AMERSHAM SU957955 SW DMR/3 G0RDI 51.6502 -0.6168 OPERATING
GB7WWDVU61439.7625430.7625MIO81WI TROWBRIDGE ST8960 SW DMR/1 G0RMA51.35-2.15 OPERATING
GB7YSDVU57439.7125430.7125MIO80QW YEOVIL SOMERSET ST5517 SW DMR/1 G3ZXX50.95-2.64 NOT.OP

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