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GB3CIRU66430.8250438.4250AVIO92PM CORBY SP894913 MID 77.0Hz G7HPE 52.5111 -0.682 OPERATING
GB3IMRU66430.8250438.4250AVIO74SD DOUGLAS IOM SC371745 NOR 110.9Hz GD4HOZ 54.1406 -4.4931 OPERATING
GB3IMRU66430.8250438.4250AVIO74TI RAMSEY IOM SC450988 NOR 71.9Hz GD4HOZ 54.3614 -4.386 OPERATING
GB3KWRU66430.8250438.4250FUSIONIO75UV GLASGOW NS558715 SCO 103.5Hz GM7SVK 55.9153 -4.3077 OPERATING
GB3NYRU66430.8250438.4250AVIO94VC BRIDLINGTON TA174690 NOR 88.5Hz M0DPH 54.1042 -0.2057 OPERATING
GB3UORU66430.8250438.4250FUSIONIO82LW CHIRK SJ298392 WM 110.9Hz GW0WZZ 52.946 -3.0454 OPERATING
GB3WURU66430.8250438.4250AVIO82VE WORCESTER SO857558 WM 118.8Hz G8TIC 52.2011 -2.2095 OPERATING
GB3ZBRU66430.8250438.4250AVIO81QJ BRISTOL ST554667 SW 77.0Hz G4RKY 51.3978 -2.6412 OPERATING
GB3ZXRU66430.8250438.4250AVJO00CT EASTBOURNE TQ577018 SE 88.5Hz G6ZZX 50.7943 0.2362 OPERATING
GB7CERU66430.8250438.4250C4FMJO01KV COLCHESTER TL979266 SE 67.0Hz G0MBA 51.9035 0.8756 OPERATING
GB7CPRU66430.8250438.4250C4FMIO91RO SLOUGH SU994910 SW   M0WAQ 51.6097 -0.5653 OPERATING
GB3BSRU68430.8500438.4500AVIO81TK BRISTOL ST716702 SW 118.8Hz G4SDR 51.4305 -2.4091 OPERATING
GB3BZRU68430.8500438.4500AVJO01GW BRAINTREE TL741287 SE 110.9Hz G0DEC 51.9294 0.5309 OPERATING
GB3FCRU68430.8500438.4500AVIO83LU BLACKPOOL SD312408 NOR 82.5Hz G6AOS 53.8588 -3.0475 OPERATING
GB3GRRU68430.8500438.4500FUSIONIO92QV GRANTHAM SK953355 MID 71.9Hz G8SAU 52.9093 -0.5841 OPERATING
GB3IERU68430.8500438.4500AVIO70XJ PLYMOUTH SX501566 SW 77.0Hz G7DQC 50.3896 -4.1183 OPERATING
GB3NXRU68430.8500438.4500AVIO91WB CRAWLEY SUSSEX TQ292324 SE 88.5Hz G4EFO 51.0763 -0.1576 OPERATING
GB7JIRU68430.8500438.4500MULTIIN89WE ST HELIER IN89WE SW DMR/5 GJ8PVL 49.2 -2.1151 LICENSED
GB3BERU69430.8625438.4625FUSIONIO85SS DUNS NT7354 SCO 118.8Hz GM7LUN55.78-2.42 REDUCED
GB3LRRU69430.8625438.4625AVJO00AS NEWHAVEN TQ448001 SE 88.5Hz G0TJH 50.7827 0.0533 OPERATING
GB3PCRU69430.8625438.4625FUSIONIO92UO PETERBOROUGH TF164001 SE 94.8Hz M0RHG 52.5869 -0.2824 OPERATING
GB3UKRU69430.8625438.4625AVIO81XW CHELTENHAM SO993248 SW 103.5Hz G0LGS 51.922 -2.0105 OPERATING
GB3IMRU70430.8750438.4750AVIO74PF PEEL SC240837 NOR 110.9Hz GD4HOZ 54.2193 -4.6997 OPERATING
GB3NHRU70430.8750438.4750AVIO92NF NORTHAMPTON SP756609 MID 77.0Hz G4YKE 52.2416 -0.8941 OPERATING
GB3WARU70430.8750438.4750AVIO75OR DALRY NS266519 SCO 103.5Hz GM7GDE 55.7294 -4.7629 OPERATING
GB3WGRU70430.8750438.4750AVIO81CP PORT TALBOT SS781936 WM 94.8Hz MW0HAC 51.6283 -3.7612 OPERATING
GB7HNRU70430.8750438.4750FUSIONIO83RL LEIGH SJ642981 NOR 82.5Hz M0HOY 53.4787 -2.5405 OPERATING
GB7KLRU70430.8750438.4750FUSIONIO84RD KIRKBY LONSDALE SD635743 NOR 110.9Hz M1JCB 54.1637 -2.5593 LICENSED
GB3BPRU71430.8875438.4875FUSIONIO93GA BELPER SK371479 MID   G0MGX 53.0273 -1.4481 OPERATING
GB3EKRU71430.8875438.4875AVJO01QJ MARGATE TR370702 SE 103.5Hz M0LMK 51.3813 1.4045 OPERATING
GB3GWRU71430.8875438.4875FUSIONIO72WT HARLECH SH5825 WM 110.9Hz MW0VTK52.81-4.10 LICENSED
GB3HORU71430.8875438.4875AVIO91TB HORSHAM TQ131286 SE 88.5Hz G4EFO 51.0464 -0.3866 OPERATING
GB3NPRU71430.8875438.4875FUSIONIO92LD TOWCESTER SP665524 MID 77.0Hz G4YKE 52.1665 -1.029 OPERATING
GB3NURU71430.8875438.4875AVJO02OW SHERINGHAM TG157430 SE 94.8Hz G8SAU 52.9407 1.2088 OPERATING
GB3XLRU71430.8875438.4875ANL/DMRIO93CT SHIPLEY SE157369 NOR 82.5Hz/DMR1 M0IRK 53.8287 -1.7626 DMR ONLY (TEMP)
GB7FIRU71430.8875438.4875ANL/DMRIO81OH AXBRIDGE ST443556 SW 77.0Hz/DMR3 G4RKY 51.297 -2.8 OPERATING
GB7JMRU71430.8875438.4875DMRJO03BI LOUTH TF430845 MID DMR/3 M0AQC 53.3385 0.1463 OPERATING
GB7TQRU71430.8875438.4875FUSIONIO80FM TORQUAY SX913680 SW 94.8Hz G8XST 50.502 -3.535 OPERATING
GB3GLRU72430.9000438.5000FUSIONIO75WU GLASGOW NS684638 SCO 103.5Hz GM3SAN 55.8498 -4.1028 OPERATING
GB3HYRU72430.9000438.5000AVIO90WX HAYWARDS HEATH TQ339230 SE 88.5Hz G6DGK 50.9917 -0.0935 OPERATING
GB3JCRU72430.9000438.5000AVJO02PP CATTON TG225121 SE 94.8Hz M0ZAH 52.661 1.2901 OPERATING
GB3JURU72430.9000438.5000AVIN89WE ST HELIER IN89WE SW 88.5Hz GJ8PVL 49.2 -2.1142 LICENSED
GB3KCRU72430.9000438.5000AVIO82WK STOURBRIDGE SO921828 MID 67.0Hz G0EWH 52.443 -2.1183 OPERATING
GB3MGRU72430.9000438.5000FUSIONIO81KP PONTYPRIDD ST098911 WM 94.8Hz GW0UXJ 51.6119 -3.3033 NOT.OP
GB3MTRU72430.9000438.5000AVIO64QS MAGHERAFELT IH901904 NI 110.9Hz MI0GRN 54.7544 -6.5996 OPERATING
GB3PYRU72430.9000438.5000AVJO02AF CAMBRIDGE TL393594 SE 77.0Hz M0ZPU 52.2152 0.0376 APPROVED
GB3PZRU72430.9000438.5000FUSIONIO83XL DUKINFIELD SJ955969 NOR 82.5Hz G4ZPZ 53.4688 -2.0692 LICENSED
GB3UPRU73430.9125438.5125AVIO71MX FISHGUARD SM958365 WM 94.8Hz GW6TKK 51.9898 -4.9742 OPERATING
GB3XXRU73430.9125438.5125FUSIONIO92KG DAVENTRY SP570636 MID 77.0Hz G8KHF 52.2679 -1.1653 OPERATING
GB3DMRU74430.9250438.525FUSIONIO75RX DUMBARTON NS407783 SCO 103.5Hz GM7GDE 55.9718 -4.553 OPERATING
GB3FIRU74430.9250438.525ANL/DMRIO81OH CHEDDAR ST436557 SW 77.0Hz/DMR3 G4RKY 51.2978 -2.8097 NOT.OP
GB3VNRU74430.9250438.525FUSIONIO82QI LUDLOW SO589735 WM 103.5Hz G4OYX 52.3583 -2.6041 OPERATING
GB3XNRU74430.9250438.525AVIO93KJ WORKSOP SK587869 MID 71.9Hz G3XXN 53.3765 -1.119 OPERATING
GB7BRRU74430.9250438.525DMRIO74TI RAMSEY IOM SC450988 NOR DMR/3 GD4HOZ 54.3614 -4.386 OPERATING
GB7CARU74430.9250438.525DMRIO74SD DOUGLAS SC371745 NOR DMR/2 GD4HOZ 54.1406 -4.4931 OPERATING
GB7KKRU74430.9250438.525MULTIIO65VE BALLYCASTLE ID119395 NI DMR/1 MI0CRR 55.19 -6.2418 LICENSED
GB7PYRU74430.9250438.525DMRJO02AF CAMBRIDGE TL392594 SE DMR/3 M0ZPU 52.2154 0.0367 NOT.OP
GB3SFRU75430.9375438.5375AVIO81DA SOUTH MOLTON SS783279 SW 77.0Hz G6SQX 51.0385 -3.7358 OPERATING
GB3WPRU75430.9375438.5375AVIO83XL HYDE SJ980959 NOR 82.5Hz G6YRK 53.46 -2.03 OPERATING
GB7EHRU75430.9375438.5375DMRIO92GC BANBURY SP360456 MID   G8NDT 52.1077 -1.475 LICENSED
GB7SZRU75430.9375438.5375FUSIONIO90AR POOLE SZ043925 SW 71.9Hz M1EZF 50.7325 -1.939 OPERATING
GB3EXRU76430.9500438.550AVIO80GT SILVERTON SS965051 SW 77.0Hz G7NBU 50.8359 -3.4703 OPERATING
GB3FJRU76430.9500438.550AVIO93XE ASGARBY TF334669 MID 71.9Hz G3ZPU 53.1823 -0.0052 OPERATING
GB3OHRU76430.9500438.550AVIO85EX LINLITHGOW NS975793 SCO 94.8Hz GM0MZB 55.9957 -3.6449 OPERATING
GB3OMRU76430.9500438.550ANL/DMRIO64JQ OMAGH IH511810 NI 110.9Hz/DMR1 GI4SXV 54.6743 -7.2091 OPERATING
GB3OYRU76430.9500438.550AVJO01AO BUCKHURST HILL TQ407937 SE 82.5Hz G7UZN 51.6248 0.0323 OPERATING
GB3WLRU76430.9500438.550AVIO92BJ BIRMINGHAM SP077762 MID 67.0Hz G3YXM 52.384 -1.8882 OPERATING
GB3WLRU76430.9500438.550MULTIIO92BJ WYTHALL SP077762 MID 67.0Hz G3YXM 52.384 -1.8882 OPERATING
GB7BDRU76430.9500438.550DMRIO81QJ BRISTOL ST554667 SW DMR/3 G4RKY 51.3978 -2.6412 LICENSED
GB7FGRU76430.9500438.550FUSIONIO71WW CARMARTHEN SN517266 WM 94.8Hz GW8KCY 51.9187 -4.1573 OPERATING
GB7RYRU76430.9500438.550FUSIONJO00HW RYE TQ830200 SE 103.5Hz M0HOW 50.9508 0.6052 OPERATING
GB3CCRU77430.9625438.5625AVIO90RM CHICHESTER SU8105 SE 88.5Hz G3UEQ50.84-0.84 OPERATING
GB3EHRU77430.9625438.5625AVIO92GC BANBURY SP360456 MID 67.0Hz G4OHB 52.1077 -1.475 OPERATING
GB7JLRU77430.9625438.5625ANL/DMRIO83QL WIGAN SJ616982 NOR 82.5Hz/DMR1 G1EFU 53.4799 -2.5786 OPERATING
GB7SHRU77430.9625438.5625FUSIONIO93GK SHEFFIELD SK370914 NOR 71.9Hz M1ERS 53.4188 -1.4437 OPERATING
GB3ACRU78430.9750438.575AVIO81SR LYDNEY GLOS SO6702 SW 94.8Hz G4CJZ51.72-2.47 OPERATING
GB3DQRU78430.9750438.575AVIO70RI POLPERRO SX213517 SW 77.0Hz G1YDQ 50.3388 -4.5118 OPERATING
GB3EZRU78430.9750438.575AVJO02GE WICKHAMBROOK TL742577 SE 110.9Hz G1YFF 52.1907 0.5472 OPERATING
GB3KKRU78430.9750438.575AVIO65VE BALLYCASTLE ID119395 NI 110.9Hz MI0CRQ 55.19 -6.2418 OPERATING
GB3KVRU78430.9750438.575AVIO75XX KILSYTH NS731802 SCO 103.5Hz GM3SAN 55.9975 -4.0381 OPERATING
GB3WORU78430.9750438.575AVIO90UT LANCING TQ181040 SE 88.5Hz M0IAD 50.8239 -0.3236 OPERATING
GB3ZIRU78430.9750438.575FUSIONIO82WT STAFFORD SJ945240 MID 103.5Hz G4YFF 52.8131 -2.0836 OPERATING
GB7FFRU78430.9750438.575FUSIONIO83LT BLACKPOOL SD319350 NOR 82.5Hz G0WDA 53.807 -3.0345 LICENSED
GB7KERU78430.9750438.575MULTIIO92PJ KETTERING SP853776 MID   G3XFA 52.3906 -0.7468 OPERATING

85 records found. - all about UK amateur radio repeaters
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