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GB3AGRV58145.7250145.1250AVIO86ON FORFAR NO489417 SCO 94.8Hz GM1CMF 56.5645 -2.8331 OPERATING
GB3ASRV48145.6000145.0000AVIO85MC LANGHOLM NY405801 SCO 77.0Hz GM6LJE 55.1116 -2.9335 OPERATING
GB3AYRV52145.6500145.0500AVIO75OR DALRY NS266519 SCO 103.5Hz MM0YET 55.7294 -4.7629 OPERATING
GB3BIRV58145.7250145.1250AVIO77WO INVERNESS NH7460 SCO 67.0Hz GM1VAD57.62-4.11 OPERATING
GB3BTRV56145.7000145.1000AVIO85WT BERWICK ON TWEED NT948583 SCO 118.8Hz GM1JFF 55.8179 -2.0845 OPERATING
GB3CSRV60145.7500145.1500AVIO85AU MOTHERWELL NS7763 SCO 103.5Hz GM8HBY55.85-3.97 OPERATING
GB3DGRV62145.7750145.1750FUSIONIO74UV NEWTON STEWART NX524578 SCO 103.5Hz GM8CJG 54.8936 -4.3028 APPROVED
GB3DURV61145.7625145.1625AVIO85SS DUNS NT7354 SCO 118.8Hz GM7LUN55.78-2.42 OPERATING
GB3EIRV49145.6125145.0125AVIO67IN CLACHAN NORTH UIST NF810640 SCO 88.5Hz G8SAU 57.5534 -7.3345 OPERATING
GB3FERV53145.6625145.0625AVIO86BC STIRLING NS853920 SCO 103.5Hz GM0MZB 56.1073 -3.846 OPERATING
GB3FFRV48145.6000145.0000AVIO86GC KELTY NT0892 SCO 103.5Hz GM7LUN56.12-3.47 OPERATING
GB3GNRV62145.7750145.1750AVIO87TA BANCHORY NO783919 SCO 67.0Hz GM4ZUK 57.0177 -2.359 REDUCED
GB3HIRV56145.7000145.1000AVIO76DK ISLE OF MULL NM703358 SCO 103.5Hz MM0JRM 56.4582 -5.7297 OPERATING
GB3IGRV62145.7750145.1750AVIO68QE STORNOWAY NB306305 SCO 88.5Hz GM0LZE 58.1808 -6.5845 OPERATING
GB3ISRV60145.7500145.1500AVIO77BF BROADFORD NG683233 SCO 88.5Hz GM8RBR 57.241 -5.8414 OPERATING
GB3KERV55145.6875145.0875FUSIONIO75UV GLASGOW NS558715 SCO 103.5Hz GM7SVK 55.9153 -4.3077 OPERATING
GB3LARV57145.7125145.1125AVIO85CJ SANQUHAR NS890106 SCO 103.5Hz GM3SAN 55.3774 -3.7531 OPERATING
GB3LBRV63145.7875145.1875AVIO85NS LAUDER NT4454 SCO 118.8Hz GM7LUN55.78-2.88 OPERATING
GB3LURV54145.6750145.0750AVIP90JD LERWICK HU442403 SCO 77.0Hz GM4SLV 60.1446 -1.2065 OPERATING
GB3NGRV50145.6250145.0250AVIO87XO FRASERBURGH NJ981569 SCO 67.0Hz GM4ZUK 57.6022 -2.0328 OPERATING
GB3OCRV52145.6500145.0500AVIO88LX KIRKWALL HY412117 SCO 77.0Hz GM0HQG 58.9884 -3.0248 OPERATING
GB3PARV50145.6250145.0250AVIO75QV PAISLEY NS382718 SCO 103.5Hz GM7OAW 55.9115 -4.5912 OPERATING
GB3PRRV54145.6750145.0750FUSIONIO86GI PERTH NO102209 SCO 94.8Hz GM8KPH 56.3725 -3.4551 OPERATING
GB3SBRV52145.6500145.0500AVIO85ON SELKIRK NT504296 SCO 118.8Hz GM0FTJ 55.5583 -2.7869 OPERATING
GB3SSRV48145.6000145.0000FUSIONIO87MO ELGIN MORAY NJ424582 SCO 67.0Hz GM4ILS 57.6101 -2.9656 OPERATING
GB7DARV62145.7750145.1750MULTIIO85AV AIRDRIE NS754676 SCO   GM4AUP 55.8854 -3.993 NOT.OP
GB7DERV51145.6375145.0375MULTIIO85JW EDINBURGH NT242718 SCO DMR/1 GM7RYR 55.9333 -3.2143 NOT.OP
GB7DKRV55145.6875145.0875FUSIONIO74LV STRANRAER NX046605 SCO 103.5Hz GM0HPK 54.9008 -5.049 OPERATING
GB7GDRV55145.6875145.0875MULTIIO87WE ABERDEEN NJ941107 SCO DMR/1 MM0RDM 57.1874 -2.0988 APPROVED
GB7LVRV49145.6125145.0125MULTIIO85FV LIVINGSTON NT046657 SCO DMR/1 GM7HHB 55.8757 -3.5251 NOT.OP

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