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GB3BERU69430.8625438.4625FUSIONIO85SS DUNS NT7354 SCO 118.8Hz GM7LUN 55.78-2.42 OPERATING
GB3DDRB10433.2500434.8500FUSIONIO86MM DUNDEE NO406351 SCO 94.8Hz GM4UGF 56.5047 -2.9658 OPERATING
GB3DMRU74430.9250438.525FUSIONIO75RX DUMBARTON NS407783 SCO 103.5Hz GM7GDE 55.9718 -4.553 OPERATING
GB3EDRB14433.3500434.9500FUSIONIO85JW EDINBURGH NT242718 SCO 94.8Hz GM4GZW 55.9333 -3.2143 OPERATING
GB3GLRU72430.9000438.5000FUSIONIO75WU GLASGOW NS684638 SCO 103.5Hz GM3SAN 55.8498 -4.1028 OPERATING
GB3HKRB02433.0500434.6500AVIO85ON SELKIRK NT504296 SCO 118.8Hz GM0FTJ 55.5583 -2.7869 OPERATING
GB3KVRU78430.9750438.575AVIO75XX KILSYTH NS731802 SCO 103.5Hz GM3SAN 55.9975 -4.0381 OPERATING
GB3KWRU66430.8250438.4250FUSIONIO75UV GLASGOW NS558715 SCO 103.5Hz GM7SVK 55.9153 -4.3077 OPERATING
GB3OHRU76430.9500438.550AVIO85EX LINLITHGOW NS975793 SCO 94.8Hz GM0MZB 55.9957 -3.6449 OPERATING
GB3PURB0433.0000434.6000FUSIONIO86GI PERTH NO102209 SCO 94.8Hz GM8KPH 56.3725 -3.4551 OPERATING
GB3WARU70430.8750438.4750AVIO75OR DALRY NS266519 SCO 103.5Hz GM7GDE 55.7294 -4.7629 OPERATING
GB7BBDVU57439.7125430.7125MULTIIO87QP BANFF NJ642640 SCO DMR/1 MM0BUH 57.6645 -2.6011 LICENSED
GB7CSDVU62439.7750430.7750C4FMIO75VS EAST KILBRIDE NS601530 SCO   GM7GDE 55.7501 -4.2298 OPERATING
GB7DDDVU53439.6625430.6625DMRIO86NL DUNDEE NO463325 SCO DMR/1 MM0DUN 56.482 -2.8743 OPERATING
GB7DK-BDVU52439.6500430.6500D-STARIO74LV STRANRAER NX046605 SCO   GM0HPK 54.9008 -5.049 OPERATING
GB7DP-BDVU40439.5000430.5000D-STARIO86LL DUNDEE NO368305 SCO   GM0ROU 56.4628 -3.0247 OPERATING
GB7EADVU43439.5375430.5375DMRIO75SV ERSKINE NS450701 SCO DMR/1 MM0PAZ 55.8991 -4.4801 LICENSED
GB7EEDVU57439.7125430.7125DMRIO85JW EDINBURGH NT242718 SCO DMR/1 GM7RYR 55.9333 -3.2143 OPERATING
GB7FEDVU38439.4750430.4750MULTIIO86BC STIRLING NS852920 SCO DMR/1 GM0MZB 56.1073 -3.846 OPERATING
GB7GGDVU50439.6250430.6250DMR/C4FMIO85AV AIRDRIE NS754676 SCO DMR/1 GM4AUP 55.8854 -3.993 OPERATING
GB7JDDVU33439.4125430.4125DMR/DSTARIO85RL JEDBURGH NT650206 SCO DMR/1 GM4UPX 55.4783 -2.5547 OPERATING
GB7LSDVU32439.4000430.400DMRIO85SS MELROSE NT5339 SCO DMR/1 GM7LUN 55.65-2.75 LICENSED
GB7SMDVU47439.5875430.5875MULTIIO86OE ST MONANS NO5201 SCO   MM0DXE 56.20-2.77 LICENSED

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