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GB3AER50-0150.720051.2200AVIO71MQ PEMBROKE DOCK SM955033 WM 94.8Hz GW4OZU 51.692 -4.9599 NOT.OP
GB3ANRB08433.2000434.8000FUSIONIO73UJ AMLWCH SH470906 WM 110.9Hz GW6DOK 53.3906 -4.3011 OPERATING
GB3APRV49145.6125145.0125AVIO71OR PEMBROKE DOCK SN062089 WM 94.8Hz GW4OZU 51.7458 -4.8079 NOT.OP
GB3ARRV56145.7000145.1000AVIO73VC CAERNARFON SH528608 WM 110.9Hz GW4KAZ 53.124 -4.2012 OPERATING
GB3BBRV56145.7000145.1000AVIO81HW BRECON SO0429 WM 94.8Hz MW0UAA51.95-3.40 NOT.OP
GB3BCRV60145.7500145.1500AVIO81IO PONTYPRIDD ST098911 WM 94.8Hz GW0UXJ 51.6119 -3.3033 OPERATING
GB3BGRB09433.2250434.8250AVIO81KS BLAENAVON SO253093 WM 94.8Hz GW7LOP 51.7784 -3.0836 OPERATING
GB3BXRV54145.6750145.0750AVIO82QN MUCH WENLOCK SO603979 WM 146.2Hz M1GIZ 52.5777 -2.5859 OPERATING
GB3CMRB08433.2000434.8000AVIO71VW CARMARTHEN SN475273 WM 94.8Hz GW8KCY 51.9233 -4.2191 OPERATING
GB3CRRB06433.1500434.7500AVIO83LC CAERGWRLE SJ295570 WM 110.9Hz M0OBW 53.1055 -3.0528 OPERATING
GB3CWRB04433.1000434.7000AVIO82HL NEWTOWN POWYS SO050875 WM 103.5Hz GW4IQP 52.4774 -3.3996 OPERATING
GB3DWRV53145.6625145.0625FUSIONIO72WT HARLECH SH583258 WM 110.9Hz MW0VTK 52.8111 -4.1035 OPERATING
GB3FGRV57145.7125145.1125FUSIONIO71UX CARMARTHEN SN4034 WM 94.8Hz GW8KCY51.98-4.32 OPERATING
GB3GORV63145.7875145.1875C4FMIO83BH LLANDUDNO SH766833 WM   MW0TMH 53.3326 -3.8536 OPERATING
GB3GTR50-1250.830051.3300AVIO82QJ LUDLOW SO6077 WM 103.5Hz G1MAW52.39-2.58 NOT.OP
GB3GWRU71430.8875438.4875FUSIONIO72WT HARLECH SH5825 WM 110.9Hz MW0VTK52.81-4.10 LICENSED
GB3GX10M29.690029.5900AVIO82QJ LUDLOW SO6077 WM 103.5Hz G1MAW52.39-2.58 OPERATING
GB3HCRB06433.1500434.7500FUSIONIO82PB HEREFORD SO519410 WM 118.8Hz G0JWJ 52.0659 -2.7021 OPERATING
GB3KDRV63145.7875145.1875AVIO82UJ KIDDERMINSTER SO8278 WM 118.8Hz G8PZT52.40-2.25 OPERATING
GB3KRRB03433.0750434.6750AVIO82UJ KIDDERMINSTER SO819795 WM 67.0Hz G8NTU 52.4132 -2.2675 NOT.OP
GB3LHRB15433.3750434.9750FUSIONIO82OP SHREWSBURY SJ472069 WM 103.5Hz G8DIR 52.6573 -2.7813 OPERATING
GB3LLRB0433.0000434.6000AVIO83BH LLANDUDNO SH767833 WM 110.9Hz GW6SIX 53.3323 -3.8548 OPERATING
GB3MBRB15433.3750434.9750FUSIONIO81HR MERTHYR SO022052 WM 94.8Hz GW0UXJ 51.7373 -3.4166 NOT.OP
GB3MGRU72430.9000438.5000FUSIONIO81KP PONTYPRIDD ST098911 WM 94.8Hz GW0UXJ 51.6119 -3.3033 OPERATING
GB3MPRV60145.7500145.1500AVIO83HH PRESTATYN SJ0781 WM   M0OBW53.33-3.38 OPERATING
GB3MSRB07433.1750434.7750FUSIONIO82VE WORCESTER SO8754 WM 67.0Hz G7WIG52.19-2.18 NOT.OP
GB3NWRV50145.6250145.0250FUSIONIO82VE WORCESTER SO8754 WM 67.0Hz G4IDF52.19-2.18 OPERATING
GB3PWRV62145.7750145.1750AVIO82HL NEWTOWN POWYS SO050875 WM 103.5Hz GW4IQP 52.4774 -3.3996 LICENSED
GB3RARV51145.6375145.0375AVIO82JH LLANDRINDOD WELLS SO186713 WM 103.5Hz GW7UNV 52.3342 -3.195 OPERATING
GB3RTRB0433.0000434.6000AVIO81LP CWMBRAN ST266939 WM 94.8Hz MW0YAC 51.6399 -3.061 OPERATING
GB3SPRB04433.1000434.7000FUSIONIO71NQ PEMBROKE SN041008 WM 94.8Hz GW4VRO 51.672 -4.8336 OPERATING
GB3TFRB08433.2000434.8000FUSIONIO82RP TELFORD SJ648069 WM 103.5Hz G3UKV 52.6594 -2.5208 OPERATING
GB3UORU66430.8250438.4250FUSIONIO82LW CHIRK SJ298392 WM 110.9Hz GW0WZZ 52.946 -3.0454 OPERATING
GB3UPRU73430.9125438.5125AVIO71MX FISHGUARD SM958365 WM 94.8Hz GW6TKK 51.9898 -4.9742 OPERATING
GB3VDRB01433.0250434.6250AVIO82QJ LUDLOW SO6077 WM 103.5Hz G1MAW52.39-2.58 LICENSED
GB3VMRV49145.6125145.0125FUSIONIO82PH LUDLOW SO508682 WM 103.5Hz G4AIJ 52.3096 -2.72 OPERATING
GB3VNRU74430.9250438.525FUSIONIO82QI LUDLOW SO589735 WM 103.5Hz G4OYX 52.3583 -2.6041 OPERATING
GB3VORV51145.6375145.0375FUSIONIO82LW CHIRK SJ301400 WM 110.9Hz GW0WZZ 52.9534 -3.0409 OPERATING
GB3WGRU70430.8750438.4750AVIO81CP PORT TALBOT SS781936 WM 94.8Hz MW0HAC 51.6283 -3.7612 OPERATING
GB3WURU66430.8250438.4250AVIO82VE WORCESTER SO857558 WM 118.8Hz G8TIC 52.2011 -2.2095 OPERATING
GB3WWRV62145.7750145.1750AVIO81CP PORT TALBOT SS781936 WM 94.8Hz MW0HAC 51.6284 -3.7618 OPERATING
GB3ZARV59145.7375145.1375FUSIONIO82PB HEREFORD SO519410 WM 118.8Hz G0JWJ 52.0659 -2.7021 OPERATING
GB3ZWR50-1050.810051.3100AVIO82HL NEWTOWN POWYS SO050875 WM 103.5Hz GW4IQP 52.4774 -3.3996 LICENSED
GB7BJDVU59439.7375430.7375DMRIO82TC MALVERN SO7643 WM DMR/13 G3PWJ52.09-2.34 OPERATING
GB7BXDVU35439.4375430.4375DMRIO82QN MUCH WENLOCK SO603979 WM DMR/5 M1GIZ 52.5777 -2.5859 OPERATING
GB7CDDVU56439.7000430.700D-STARIO81JL CARDIFF ST193751 WM   GW6CUR 51.47 -3.1629 OPERATING
GB7CWDVU32439.4000430.400DMRIO81EN BRIDGEND SS871855 WM DMR/3 GW0UZK 51.5569 -3.6281 OPERATING
GB7FGRU76430.9500438.550FUSIONIO71WW CARMARTHEN SN517266 WM 94.8Hz GW8KCY 51.9187 -4.1573 OPERATING
GB7GTDVU33439.4125430.4125DMRIO82QJ LUDLOW SO6077 WM DMR/13 G1MAW52.39-2.58 OPERATING
GB7HMDVU51439.6375430.6375DMRIO83LC CAERGWRLE SJ296570 WM DMR/1 G1SYG 53.1058 -3.053 OPERATING
GB7OZDVU50439.6250430.6250DMRIO82KU OSWESTRY SJ2530 WM DMR/8 G0DNI52.87-3.10 NOT.OP
GB7PD-CRV59145.7375145.1375D-STARIO71MQ PEMBROKE DOCK SM956032 WM   MW0XDT 51.6906 -4.9577 OPERATING
GB7PNDVU34439.4250430.4250DMRIO83HH PRESTATYN SJ079818 WM DMR/1 G4NOY 53.3257 -3.3841 OPERATING
GB7RB-CRV54145.6750145.0750D-STARIO81GK COWBRIDGE ST014738 WM   GW6CUR 51.4553 -3.4194 NOT.OP
GB7VODVU56439.7000430.700D-STARIO82PE LEOMINSTER SO507537 WM   G8XYJ 52.1796 -2.7225 OPERATING
GB7WFDVU39439.4875430.4875MULTIIO82UJ BEWDLEY SO7775 WM DMR/13 G8OXG52.38-2.33 OPERATING
GB7YKDVU46439.5750430.575D-STARIO82QJ LUDLOW SO6077 WM   G1MAW52.39-2.58 LICENSED
GB7YZDVU38439.4750430.4750MULTIIO83JE MOLD SJ215665 WM 110.9Hz M0WTX 53.1906 -3.1763 NOT.OP

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