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G7OCK (BRIAN PHILLIPSON)linked toGB3CD 145.6875 NOR IO94DR CROOK 19-Aug-2019
G0ZEP (RICHARD CARTER)linked toGB3DT 434.6000 SW IO80WV BLANDFORD 9-Jan-2019
G0UWS (ANDREW SHARMAN)linked toGB3TD 434.6750 SW IO91CO SWINDON 31-May-2019
G4KWT (DENIS BRIAN PIBWORTH)linked toGB3BN 434.6000 SW IO91NL READING 22-Feb-2019
GW0KIG (KEVIN O'REILLY)linked toGB3MG 438.5000 WM IO81HS MERTHYR TYDFIL 17-Sep-2019
G8XST (WILLIAM BUTCHERS)linked toGB3TR 145.6500 SW IO80FM TORQUAY 22-Oct-2019
MW0YAC (KENNETH SMITH)linked toGB3RT 434.6000 WM IO81LP CWMBRAN 17-Sep-2019
G4SUH (PAUL PRICE)linked toGB7PM 430.4375 SW IO81OG CHEDDAR 12-Sep-2019
GW4VRO (PETER PARSONS)linked toGB3SP 434.7000 WM IO71MQ PEMBROKE DOCK 7-Feb-2019
MW0KLW (ANDY JONES)linked toGB3AR 145.1000 WM IO73VD CAERNARFON 3-Sep-2019
G4OCO (ROGER GREGORY)linked toGB3NC 145.1250 SW IO70MK ST COLUMB 12-Jan-2019
G1NRL (STEFAN ALLUM)linked toGB3DE 434.7750 SE JO02QF IPSWICH 11-Dec-2018
G4KVI (CHRIS DUNN)linked toGB3UB 434.7000 SW IO81SG MIDSOMER NORTON 8-Aug-2019
G0ZEP (RICHARD M CARTER)linked toGB7CM 145.1000 SW IO80WV BLANDFORD 26-Jan-2019
G7POC (NIGEL PHILLIPS)linked toGB7MT 430.5750 SW IO90HX EASTLEIGH 3-Mar-2019
M1EFY (ANDREW GITTINGS)linked toGB3TD 434.6750 SW IO91CO SWINDON 28-May-2019
G8KOC (ROY BACKHAM)linked toGB3KL 434.7000 SE JO02FS KINGS LYNN 31-May-2019
G6YRK (STEVE WRIGHT)linked toGB3WP 438.5375 NOR IO93AK GLOSSOP 23-Jun-2019

18 records found - all about UK amateur radio repeaters
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