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GB3BPRU71 AF 430.8875 438.4875IO93GA  BELPER SK371479   G0MGX 53.0273,-1.4481  OPERATIONAL
GB3EKRU71 A 430.8875 438.4875JO01QJ  MARGATE TR370702 103.5Hz webM0LMK 51.3813,1.4045  OPERATIONAL
GB3GWRU71 AF 430.8875 438.4875IO72WT  HARLECH SH5825 110.9Hz MW0VTK 52.81,-4.10  NOT OPERATIONAL
GB3HORU71 A 430.8875 438.4875IO91TB  HORSHAM TQ131286 88.5Hz G4EFO 51.0464,-0.3866  OPERATIONAL
GB3NPRU71 AF 430.8875 438.4875IO92LD  TOWCESTER SP665524 77.0Hz G4YKE 52.1665,-1.029  OPERATIONAL
GB3NURU71 A 430.8875 438.4875JO02OW  SHERINGHAM TG157430 94.8Hz webG8SAU 52.9407,1.2088  OPERATIONAL
GB3XLRU71 AM 430.8875 438.4875IO93CT  SHIPLEY SE157369 DMR/1 M0IRK 53.8287,-1.7626  DMR ONLY (TEMP)
GB7FIRU71 AM 430.8875 438.4875IO81OH  AXBRIDGE ST443556 DMR/3 webG4RKY 51.297,-2.8  OPERATIONAL
GB7JMRU71 M 430.8875 438.4875JO03BI  LOUTH TF430845 DMR/3 webM0AQC 53.3385,0.1463  OPERATIONAL
GB7KRRU71 AM 430.8875 438.4875IO82UJ  KIDDERMINSTER SO8278 DMR/8 G0EWH 52.40,-2.25  ANALOGUE ONLY (TEMP)
GB7TQRU71 AF 430.8875 438.4875IO80FM  TORQUAY SX913680 94.8Hz G8XST 50.502,-3.535  OPERATIONAL

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