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GB3BNRB0 A 433.000 434.600IO91OJ  BRACKNELL SU838690 118.8Hz webG8DOR 51.4138,-0.7964  OPERATIONAL
GB3CKRB0 A 433.000 434.600JO01JF  CHARING KENT TQ948512 103.5Hz webM0ZAA 51.2267,0.7885  OPERATIONAL
GB3DTRB0 AF 433.000 434.600IO80WU  BLANDFORD ST916079 71.9Hz webG0ZEP 50.8705,-2.1207  OPERATIONAL
GB3LLRB0 A 433.000 434.600IO83BH  LLANDUDNO SH767833 110.9Hz webGW6SIX 53.3323,-3.8548  OPERATIONAL
GB3MKRB0 AF 433.000 434.600IO92OB  MILTON KEYNES SP852391 77.0Hz G4CAK 52.0438,-0.7591  OPERATIONAL
GB3NRRB0 A 433.000 434.600JO02PP  NORWICH TG224084 94.8Hz G8VLL 52.627,1.2838  OPERATIONAL
GB3NTRB0 AF 433.000 434.600IO94FW  NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE NZ268601 118.8Hz webG7UUR 54.9356,-1.5828  NOT OPERATIONAL
GB3PFRB0 A 433.000 434.600IO83VT  NELSON SD858369 82.5Hz webM0NFI 53.8289,-2.2166  OPERATIONAL
GB3PURB0 AF 433.000 434.600IO86GI  PERTH NO102209 94.8Hz GM8KPH 56.3725,-3.4551  OPERATIONAL
GB3RTRB0 A 433.000 434.600IO81LP  CWMBRAN ST266939 94.8Hz webMW0YAC 51.6399,-3.061  OPERATIONAL
GB3SORB0 ADMF 433.000 434.600JO03AR  WITHERNSEA TA3328 DMR/8 M0MFP 53.74,0.03  OPERATIONAL
GB3USRB0 A 433.000 434.600IO93GI  SHEFFIELD SK358864 103.5Hz G4CUI 53.3732,-1.4635  OPERATIONAL
GB3WNRB0 A 433.000 434.600IO82XP  WOLVERHAMPTON SJ945037 67.0Hz G4OKE 52.6307,-2.082  NOT OPERATIONAL

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