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GB3CBRB14 A 433.350 434.950IO92BL  BIRMINGHAM SP077852 67.0Hz G8VIQ 52.4645,-1.8884  NOT OPERATIONAL
GB3CERB14 A 433.350 434.950JO01KV  COLCHESTER TL994273 67.0Hz webG0MBA 51.9086,0.8988  OPERATIONAL
GB3EDRB14 AF 433.350 434.950IO85JW  EDINBURGH NT242718 94.8Hz GM4GZW 55.9333,-3.2143  REDUCED OUTPUT
GB3HERB14 A 433.350 434.950JO00HV  HASTINGS TQ825120 103.5Hz webG8PUO 50.879,0.5931  OPERATIONAL
GB3HRRB14 A 433.350 434.950IO91TO  HARROW TQ139929 82.5Hz webG3YXZ 51.623,-0.3566  OPERATIONAL
GB3LFRB14 A 433.350 434.950IO84PH  KENDAL SD543920 110.9Hz webG3VVT 54.3213,-2.7048  LICENSED
GB3MRRB14 A 433.350 434.950IO83XH  STOCKPORT SJ973814 82.5Hz webG8LZO 53.3294,-2.0413  OPERATIONAL
GB3NDRB14 A 433.350 434.950IO71VA  BIDEFORD SS441258 77.0Hz G4SOF 51.0109,-4.2234  OPERATIONAL
GB3SDRB14 A 433.350 434.950IO80SQ  WEYMOUTH SY677858 71.9Hz webG0EVW 50.6711,-2.4572  OPERATIONAL
GB3TCRB14 A 433.350 434.950IO92JX  NOTTINGHAM SK504432 71.9Hz M5ADU 52.9846,-1.2498  LICENSED
GB3WFRB14 AF 433.350 434.950IO93DV  OTLEY SE206440 82.5Hz M0SNW 53.8918,-1.688  OPERATIONAL
GB3YLRB14 A 433.350 434.950JO02UL  LOWESTOFT TM541927 94.8Hz webG4RKP 52.4738,1.7413  NOT OPERATIONAL

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