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GB3ASRV48 AV 145.600 145.000IO85MC  LANGHOLM NY405801 77.0Hz GM6LJE 55.1116,-2.9335  OPERATIONAL
GB3CF 2M DM/DMR 145.6000 145.0000IO92IQ  MARKFIELD LEICS SK406108 77.0Hz webG4AFJ 52.6928,-1.2824  OPERATIONAL
GB3CFRV48 FUSION 145.600 145.000IO92IQ  MARKFIELD SK4010 77.0Hz webG4AFJ 52.69,-1.28  OPERATIONAL
GB3ELRV48 AV 145.600 145.000JO01AM  LONDON TQ416835 82.5Hz G4RZZ 51.5327,0.0408  OPERATIONAL
GB3FFRV48 AV 145.600 145.000IO86GC  KELTY NT0892 103.5Hz webGM7LUN 56.12,-3.47  OPERATIONAL
GB3LYRV48 AV 145.600 145.000IO65NC  LIMAVADY IC711296 110.9Hz MI1VOX 55.1084,-6.8872  LICENSED
GB3NZ 2M AV 145.6000 145.0000JO02PP  CATTON TG224109 94.8Hz webM0ZAH 52.6501,1.2877  NOT OPERATIONAL
GB3NZRV48 AV 145.600 145.000JO02QP  THORPE ST ANDREW TG279100 94.8Hz webM0ZAH 52.6401,1.3684  NOT OPERATIONAL
GB3SSRV48 FUSION 145.600 145.000IO87MO  ELGIN MORAY NJ424582 67.0Hz GM4ILS 57.6101,-2.9656  OPERATIONAL
GB3WRRV48 FUSION 145.600 145.000IO81PH  CHEDDAR ST498568 94.8Hz webG4RKY 51.3081,-2.7215  OPERATIONAL
GB7MARV48 D-STAR 145.600 145.000IO83UO  BURY SD833133   webG7LWT 53.616,-2.2539  REDUCED OUTPUT
GB7RWRV48 DUAL 145.600 145.000IO94SO  WHITBY NZ932044 88.5Hz webG4EQS 54.4263,-0.5656  OPERATIONAL
GB7SBRV48 D-STAR 145.600 145.000IO90WT  BRIGHTON TQ328051   G0TJH 50.8311,-0.1145  OPERATIONAL

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