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GB3DNRV51 A 145.6375 145.0375IO70UW  STIBB CROSS SS413163 77.0Hz webG1BHM 50.9246,-4.2591  OPERATIONAL
GB3GJRV51 A 145.6375 145.0375IN89WE  ST HELIER 71.9Hz GJ8PVL 49.2,-2.1142  OPERATIONAL
GB3INRV51 ADMF 145.6375 145.0375IO93GD  ALFRETON SK354594 DMR/1 webG4TSN 53.1313,-1.4719  LICENSED
GB3RARV51 A 145.6375 145.0375IO82JH  LLANDRINDOD WELLS SO186713 103.5Hz GW7UNV 52.3342,-3.195  OPERATIONAL
GB3VORV51 AF 145.6375 145.0375IO82LW  CHIRK SJ301400 110.9Hz GW0WZZ 52.9534,-3.0409  OPERATIONAL
GB7CTRV51 M 145.6375 145.0375IO91PS  TRING SP905085 DMR/3 webG0RDI 51.7679,-0.6897  OPERATIONAL
GB7DERV51 DMF 145.6375 145.0375IO85JW  EDINBURGH NT242718 Hz webGM7RYR 55.9333,-3.2143  OPERATIONAL
GB7RNRV51 D 145.6375 145.0375IO90JT  FAREHAM SU572041   webG3ZDF 50.8343,-1.1884  OPERATIONAL
GB7SWRV51 D 145.6375 145.0375IO81VH  TROWBRIDGE ST868585 Hz webG0RMA 51.326,-2.1898  OPERATIONAL
GB7YLRV51 M 145.6375 145.0375JO02UL  LOWESTOFT TM541927 DMR/1 webM0JGX 52.4739,1.7412  LICENSED

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