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GB3GDRV50 AV 145.625 145.025IO74SG  SNAEFELL IOM SC397879 110.9Hz webGD4HOZ 54.2616,-4.4626  OPERATIONAL
GB3HGRV50 AV 145.625 145.025IO94JF  THIRSK SE516817 88.5Hz G8IMZ 54.2289,-1.2094  OPERATIONAL
GB3KSRV50 AV 145.625 145.025JO01PA  DOVER TR320435 103.5Hz M1CMN 51.1446,1.3168  OPERATIONAL
GB3MHRV50 AV 145.625 145.025IO91WC  EAST GRINSTEAD TQ337354 88.5Hz webG3NZP 51.1022,-0.0909  OPERATIONAL
GB3NBRV50 AV 145.625 145.025JO02PN  NORWICH TG258026 94.8Hz webG8VLL 52.5747,1.3316  OPERATIONAL
GB3NFRV50 AV 145.625 145.025IO92KX  NOTTINGHAM SK583429 77.0Hz webG4NRZ 52.98,-1.1329  OPERATIONAL
GB3NGRV50 AV 145.625 145.025IO87XO  FRASERBURGH NJ981569 67.0Hz webGM4ZUK 57.6022,-2.0328  OPERATIONAL
GB3NWRV50 FUSION 145.625 145.025IO82VE  WORCESTER SO8754 67.0Hz G4IDF 52.19,-2.18  OPERATIONAL
GB3PARV50 AV 145.625 145.025IO75QV  PAISLEY NS382718 103.5Hz GM7OAW 55.9115,-4.5912  OPERATIONAL
GB3PBRV50 AV 145.625 145.025IO90AR  POOLE SZ042920 71.9Hz G6AKG 50.7284,-1.9405  LICENSED
GB3SIRV50 AV 145.625 145.025IO70JB  HELSTON SW684218   M1ERD 50.0505,-5.2357  OPERATIONAL

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