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GB3ARRV56 A 145.700 145.100IO73VC  CAERNARFON SH528608 110.9Hz webGW4KAZ 53.124,-4.2012  OPERATIONAL
GB3BBRV56 A 145.700 145.100IO81HW  BRECON SO0429 94.8Hz MW0UAA 51.95,-3.40  NOT OPERATIONAL
GB3BTRV56 A 145.700 145.100IO85WT  BERWICK ON TWEED NT948583 118.8Hz webGM1JFF 55.8179,-2.0845  NOT OPERATIONAL
GB3EVRV56 A 145.700 145.100IO84SQ  DUFTON NY704318 77.0Hz webG7ITT 54.6798,-2.462  OPERATIONAL
GB3HHRV56 A 145.700 145.100IO93BF  BUXTON SK063698 71.9Hz G7EKY 53.225,-1.9079  OPERATIONAL
GB3HIRV56 A 145.700 145.100IO76DK  ISLE OF MULL NM703358 103.5Hz webMM0JRM 56.4582,-5.7297  OPERATIONAL
GB3KNRV56 A 145.700 145.100JO01HH  MAIDSTONE TQ806585 103.5Hz G3VFC 51.2974,0.59  OPERATIONAL
GB3VARV56 A 145.700 145.100IO91LT  BRILL SP656138 118.8Hz webG8BQH 51.819,-1.0497  OPERATIONAL
GB3WDRV56 A 145.700 145.100IO70WJ  PLYMOUTH SX480550 77.0Hz G7LUL 50.3752,-4.139  OPERATIONAL
GB7CMRV56 AF 145.700 145.100IO80WU  BLANDFORD ST916079 71.9Hz webM0MRP 50.8707,-2.1207  OPERATIONAL

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