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GB3AARV53145.6625145.0625AFIO81RO BRISTOL ST6288 SW 94.8Hz G4CJZ51.59-2.54 OPERATING
GB3ABRB07433.1750434.7750AIO93FK SHEFFIELD SK305915 NOR 82.5Hz M0GAV 53.4202 -1.5411 OPERATING
GB3ACRU78430.9750438.575AIO81SR LYDNEY GLOS SO6702 SW 94.8Hz G4CJZ51.72-2.47 OPERATING
GB3AGRV58145.7250145.1250AIO86ON FORFAR NO489417 SCO 94.8Hz GM1CMF 56.5645 -2.8331 OPERATING
GB3AHRB11433.2750434.8750AJO02KP EAST DEREHAM TF924103 SE 94.8Hz G0LGJ 52.6566 0.8432 OPERATING
GB3AKRM14A1297.3501291.350AIO81RO BRISTOL ST6288 SW 94.8Hz G4CJZ51.59-2.54 OPERATING
GB3ALRV59145.7375145.1375AIO91QP AMERSHAM SU957955 SW 77.0Hz G0RDI 51.6502 -0.6168 OPERATING
GB3AMR50-1350.840051.3400AIO91QP AMERSHAM SU957955 SW 77.0Hz G0RDI 51.6502 -0.6168 OPERATING
GB3ANRB08433.2000434.8000AFIO73UJ AMLWCH SH470906 WM 110.9Hz GW6DOK 53.3906 -4.3011 OPERATING
GB3ARRV56145.7000145.1000AIO73VC CAERNARFON SH528608 WM 110.9Hz GW4KAZ 53.124 -4.2012 OPERATING
GB3ASRV48145.6000145.0000AIO85MC LANGHOLM NY405801 SCO 77.0Hz GM6LJE 55.1116 -2.9335 OPERATING
GB3AURB07433.1750434.7750AIO91QP AMERSHAM SU957955 SW 82.5Hz G0RDI 51.6502 -0.6168 OPERATING
GB3AVRB02433.0500434.6500AIO91OT AYLESBURY SP819135 SW 118.8Hz G8BQH 51.8141 -0.8133 NOT.OP
GB3AWRB10433.2500434.8500AIO91HH NEWBURY SU417578 SW 71.9Hz G8DOR 51.3178 -1.403 OPERATING
GB3AYRV52145.6500145.0500AIO75OR DALRY NS266519 SCO 103.5Hz MM0YET 55.7294 -4.7629 OPERATING
GB3BBRV56145.7000145.1000AIO81HW BRECON SO0429 WM 94.8Hz MW0UAA51.95-3.40 NOT.OP
GB3BCRV60145.7500145.1500AIO81IO PONTYPRIDD ST098911 WM 94.8Hz GW0UXJ 51.6119 -3.3033 OPERATING
GB3BERU69430.8625438.4625AFIO85SS DUNS NT7354 SCO 118.8Hz GM7LUN55.78-2.42 OPERATING
GB3BFRV63145.7875145.1875AIO92SD BEDFORD TL043514 MID 77.0Hz G8MGP 52.151 -0.477 NOT.OP
GB3BGRB09433.2250434.8250AIO81KS BLAENAVON SO253093 WM 94.8Hz GW7LOP 51.7784 -3.0836 OPERATING
GB3BKRM0A1299.8501293.850AJO01AK BROMLEY TQ398717 SE 103.5Hz G0WYG 51.4271 0.0095 OPERATING
GB3BLRB07433.1750434.7750AIO92SD BEDFORD TL067504 MID 77.0Hz G8MGP 52.1416 -0.4422 OPERATING
GB3BMRV57145.7125145.1125AIO92BL BIRMINGHAM SP077852 MID 67.0Hz G8AMD 52.4645 -1.8884 NOT.OP
GB3BNRB0433.0000434.6000AIO91OJ BRACKNELL SU838690 SW 118.8Hz G8DOR 51.4138 -0.7964 OPERATING
GB3BPRU71430.8875438.4875AFIO93GA BELPER SK371479 MID   G0MGX 53.0273 -1.4481 OPERATING
GB3BRRB06433.1500434.7500AIO90WT BRIGHTON TQ328051 SE 88.5Hz G0TJH 50.8302 -0.1157 OPERATING
GB3BSRU68430.8500438.4500AIO81TK BRISTOL ST716702 SW 118.8Hz G4SDR 51.4305 -2.4091 OPERATING
GB3BTRV56145.7000145.1000AIO85WT BERWICK ON TWEED NT948583 SCO 118.8Hz GM1JFF 55.8179 -2.0845 NOT.OP
GB3BVRB01433.0250434.6250AFIO91SR HEMEL HEMPSTEAD TL084041 SE 82.5Hz G3YXZ 51.7252 -0.432 OPERATING
GB3BXRV54145.6750145.0750AIO82QN MUCH WENLOCK SO603979 WM 146.2Hz M1GIZ 52.5777 -2.5859 NOT.OP
GB3BZRU68430.8500438.4500AJO01GW BRAINTREE TL741287 SE 110.9Hz G0DEC 51.9294 0.5309 OPERATING
GB3CARB13433.3250434.9250AIO84OT CARLISLE NY469473 NOR 77.0Hz G1XSZ 54.8164 -2.8273 OPERATING
GB3CBRB14433.3500434.9500AIO92BL BIRMINGHAM SP077852 MID 67.0Hz G8VIQ 52.4645 -1.8884 NOT.OP
GB3CCRU77430.9625438.5625AIO90RM CHICHESTER SU8105 SE 88.5Hz G3UEQ50.84-0.84 OPERATING
GB3CDRV55145.6875145.0875AFIO94DR CROOK NZ165378 NOR 118.8Hz G0OCB 54.7352 -1.7452 OPERATING
GB3CERB14433.3500434.9500AJO01KV COLCHESTER TL994273 SE 67.0Hz G0MBA 51.9086 0.8988 OPERATING
GB3CF2M145.6000145.0000ADFNIO92IQ MARKFIELD LEICS SK406108 MID 77.0Hz/DMR1 G4AFJ 52.6928 -1.2824 OPERATING
GB3CFRV48145.6000145.0000AFIO92IQ MARKFIELD SK4010 MID 77.0Hz G4AFJ52.69-1.28 OPERATING
GB3CGRV58145.7250145.1250AIO81VU GLOUCESTER SO881188 SW 118.8Hz G3LVP 51.8683 -2.1755 OPERATING
GB3CHRB02433.0500434.6500AIO70SM LISKEARD SX271705 SW 77.0Hz G4RKY 50.5096 -4.4393 OPERATING
GB3CIRU66430.8250438.4250AIO92PM CORBY SP894913 MID 77.0Hz G7HPE 52.5111 -0.682 OPERATING
GB3CJ10M29.640029.5400AIO92NF NORTHAMPTON SP756609 MID 77.0Hz G1IRG 52.2416 -0.8941 OPERATING
GB3CKRB0433.0000434.6000AJO01JF CHARING KENT TQ948512 SE 103.5Hz M0ZAA 51.2267 0.7885 OPERATING
GB3CLRB09433.2250434.8250AJO01OT CLACTON TM217171 SE 67.0Hz G0MBA 51.809 1.215 OPERATING
GB3CMRB08433.2000434.8000AIO71VW CARMARTHEN SN475273 WM 94.8Hz GW8KCY 51.9233 -4.2191 OPERATING
GB3CORV53145.6625145.0625AIO92PM CORBY SP894913 MID 77.0Hz G1DIW 52.5112 -0.682 OPERATING
GB3CPRV59145.7375145.1375AIO64IG FERMANAGH IH511810 NI 110.9Hz GI8RLE 54.2708 -7.2722 OPERATING
GB3CRRB06433.1500434.7500AIO83LC CAERGWRLE SJ295570 WM 110.9Hz M0OBW 53.1055 -3.0528 OPERATING
GB3CSRV60145.7500145.1500AIO85AU MOTHERWELL NS7763 SCO 103.5Hz GM8HBY55.85-3.97 OPERATING
GB3CVRB09433.2250434.8250AIO92GK COVENTRY SP377816 MID 67.0Hz G7TRJ 52.4314 -1.4459 OPERATING
GB3CWRB04433.1000434.7000AIO82HL NEWTOWN POWYS SO050875 WM 103.5Hz GW4IQP 52.4774 -3.3996 OPERATING
GB3DARV58145.7250145.1250AJO01GR DANBURY TL779050 SE 110.9Hz G6JYB 51.7157 0.5744 OPERATING
GB3DBR50-0650.770051.2700AJO01HR DANBURY TL795061 SE 110.9Hz G6JYB 51.723 0.5976 OPERATING
GB3DCRV55145.6875145.0875AIO92GW DERBY SK380377 MID 71.9Hz G7NPW 52.9354 -1.4361 OPERATING
GB3DDRB10433.2500434.8500AFIO86MM DUNDEE NO406351 SCO 94.8Hz GM4UGF 56.5047 -2.9658 OPERATING
GB3DERB07433.1750434.7750AJO02NF IPSWICH TM118646 SE 110.9Hz G1NRL 52.2372 1.1011 OPERATING
GB3DGRV62145.7750145.1750AFIO74UV NEWTON STEWART NX524578 SCO 103.5Hz GM8CJG 54.8936 -4.3028 OPERATING
GB3DIRB06433.1500434.7500AIO91IN DIDCOT SU4886 SW 118.8Hz G8CUL51.57-1.31 OPERATING
GB3DMRU74430.9250438.525AFIO75RX DUMBARTON NS407783 SCO 103.5Hz GM7GDE 55.9718 -4.553 OPERATING
GB3DNRV51145.6375145.0375AIO70UW STIBB CROSS SS413163 SW 77.0Hz G1BHM 50.9246 -4.2591 OPERATING
GB3DQRU78430.9750438.575AIO70RI POLPERRO SX213517 SW 77.0Hz G1YDQ 50.3388 -4.5118 OPERATING
GB3DRRV59145.7375145.1375AIO80QR DORCHESTER SY5593 SW 71.9Hz G6WHI50.74-2.64 OPERATING
GB3DSRB13433.3250434.9250AIO93KH WORKSOP SK584788 MID 71.9Hz G3XXN 53.3025 -1.1266 OPERATING
GB3DTRB0433.0000434.6000AFIO80WU BLANDFORD ST916079 SW 71.9Hz G0ZEP 50.8705 -2.1207 OPERATING
GB3DURV61145.7625145.1625AIO85SS DUNS NT7354 SCO 118.8Hz GM7LUN55.78-2.42 OPERATING
GB3DVRB01433.0250434.6250AIO93JK MALTBY SK538923 NOR 71.9Hz G0EPX 53.4248 -1.1918 OPERATING
GB3DWRV53145.6625145.0625AFIO72WT HARLECH SH583258 WM 110.9Hz MW0VTK 52.8111 -4.1035 OPERATING
GB3DXRB12433.3000434.9000AIO65HA DERRY/LONDONDERRY IC407182 NI 110.9Hz GI4YWT 55.0101 -7.3643 OPERATING
GB3DYRB10433.2500434.8500AIO93FB WIRKSWORTH SK305516 MID 71.9Hz G3ZYC 53.0608 -1.5463 NOT.OP
GB3EARV55145.6875145.0875AJO02GE WICKHAMBROOK TL742577 SE 110.9Hz G1YFF 52.1907 0.5472 OPERATING
GB3EBRV63145.7875145.1875AJO00BW UCKFIELD TQ509183 SE 88.5Hz G8PUO 50.9454 0.147 OPERATING
GB3ECR50-1250.830051.3300AJO02HE BURY ST EDMUNDS TL784560 SE 110.9Hz G1YFF 52.1739 0.6089 OPERATING
GB3EDRB14433.3500434.9500AFIO85JW EDINBURGH NT242718 SCO 94.8Hz GM4GZW 55.9333 -3.2143 REDUCED
GB3EERB12433.3000434.9000AIO93FE CHESTERFIELD SK342665 MID 71.9Hz G1SLE 53.1945 -1.4895 NOT.OP
GB3EFR50-0150.720051.2200AJO02NF STOWMARKET TM1164 SE 110.9Hz G1YFF52.241.10 OPERATING
GB3EHRU77430.9625438.5625AIO92GC BANBURY SP360456 MID 67.0Hz G4OHB 52.1077 -1.475 OPERATING
GB3EIRV49145.6125145.0125AIO67IN CLACHAN NORTH UIST NF810640 SCO 88.5Hz G8SAU 57.5534 -7.3345 OPERATING
GB3EKRU71430.8875438.4875AJO01QJ MARGATE TR370702 SE 103.5Hz M0LMK 51.3813 1.4045 OPERATING
GB3ELRV48145.6000145.0000AJO01AM LONDON TQ416835 SE 82.5Hz G4RZZ 51.5327 0.0408 OPERATING
GB3ERRB03433.0750434.6750AJO01GR DANBURY TL779050 SE 110.9Hz G6JYB 51.7157 0.5744 NOT.OP
GB3ESRV54145.6750145.0750AJO00HV HASTINGS TQ824121 SE 103.5Hz G6ZZX 50.88 0.5922 OPERATING
GB3EVRV56145.7000145.1000AIO84SQ DUFTON NY704318 NOR 77.0Hz G7ITT 54.6798 -2.462 OPERATING
GB3EWRV49145.6125145.0125AIO80FR EXETER SX923953 SW 77.0Hz G8XQQ 50.7473 -3.5267 OPERATING
GB3EXRU76430.9500438.550AIO80GT SILVERTON SS965051 SW 77.0Hz G7NBU 50.8359 -3.4703 OPERATING
GB3EZRU78430.9750438.575AJO02GE WICKHAMBROOK TL742577 SE 110.9Hz G1YFF 52.1907 0.5472 OPERATING
GB3FCRU68430.8500438.4500AIO83LU BLACKPOOL SD312408 NOR 82.5Hz G6AOS 53.8588 -3.0475 OPERATING
GB3FERV53145.6625145.0625AIO86BC STIRLING NS853920 SCO 103.5Hz GM0MZB 56.1073 -3.846 OPERATING
GB3FFRV48145.6000145.0000AIO86GC KELTY NT0892 SCO 103.5Hz GM7LUN56.12-3.47 OPERATING
GB3FGRV57145.7125145.1125AFIO71UX CARMARTHEN SN4034 WM 94.8Hz GW8KCY51.98-4.32 OPERATING
GB3FHR50-0650.770051.2700AIO81OH SOMERSET ST436557 SW 77.0Hz G4RKY 51.2978 -2.8097 OPERATING
GB3FIRU74430.9250438.525AMIO81OH CHEDDAR ST436557 SW 77.0Hz/DMR3 G4RKY 51.2978 -2.8097 NOT.OP
GB3FJRU76430.9500438.550AIO93XE ASGARBY TF334669 MID 71.9Hz G3ZPU 53.1823 -0.0052 OPERATING
GB3FKRV60145.7500145.1500AJO01OC FOLKESTONE TR223368 SE 103.5Hz M1CMN 51.0882 1.1731 OPERATING
GB3FMRM21297.0501291.050AIO91OF FARNHAM SU821494 SW 100.0Hz G4EPX 51.2379 -0.8253 OPERATING
GB3FNRB15433.3750434.9750AIO91OF FARNHAM SU821494 SW 82.5Hz G4EPX 51.2379 -0.8253 REDUCED
GB3FRRV62145.7750145.1750AJO03AE SPILSBY LINCS. TF350680 MID 71.9Hz M1FJB 53.1707 0.0274 OPERATING
GB3FXR50-1050.810051.3100AIO91OF FARNHAM SU821494 SW 82.5Hz G4EPX 51.2379 -0.8253 OPERATING
GB3GBRB12433.3000434.9000AIO92BM SUTTON COLDFIELD SP107920 MID 67.0Hz G8NDT 52.5266 -1.843 REDUCED
GB3GCR50-0250.730051.2300AIO70WN GUNNISLAKE SX407714 SW 77.0Hz G1VQG 50.5208 -4.248 OPERATING
GB3GDRV50145.6250145.0250AIO74SG SNAEFELL IOM SC397879 NOR 110.9Hz GD4HOZ 54.2616 -4.4626 OPERATING
GB3GFRB12433.3000434.9000AIO91RF GUILDFORD SU991488 SE 88.5Hz G4EML 51.2298 -0.5821 OPERATING
GB3GHRB05433.1250434.7250AIO81VU GLOUCESTER SO880188 SW 118.8Hz G3LVP 51.8683 -2.1755 OPERATING
GB3GJRV51145.6375145.0375AIN89WE ST HELIER SW 71.9Hz GJ8PVL 49.2 -2.1142 OPERATING
GB3GLRU72430.9000438.5000AFIO75WU GLASGOW NS684638 SCO 103.5Hz GM3SAN 55.8498 -4.1028 OPERATING
GB3GNRV62145.7750145.1750AIO87TA BANCHORY NO783919 SCO 67.0Hz GM4ZUK 57.0177 -2.359 OPERATING
GB3GRRU68430.8500438.4500AFIO92QV GRANTHAM SK953355 MID 71.9Hz G8SAU 52.9093 -0.5841 OPERATING
GB3GURB13433.3250434.9250AIN89RK GUERNSEY GY1 2DL SW 71.9Hz GU6EFB 49.4572 -2.5368 OPERATING
GB3GWRU71430.8875438.4875AFIO72WT HARLECH SH5825 WM 110.9Hz MW0VTK52.81-4.10 NOT.OP
GB3GYRB11433.2750434.8750AIO93XN CLEETHORPES TA305090 MID 88.5Hz M0KWK 53.5621 -0.0309 OPERATING
GB3HARV60145.7500145.1500AFIO85XA CORBRIDGE NY984707 NOR 118.8Hz G7UUR 55.0333 -2.0276 OPERATING
GB3HBRB15433.3750434.9750AFIO70OJ ROCHE SW991574 SW 77.0Hz G4WVD 50.3821 -4.8263 OPERATING
GB3HCRB06433.1500434.7500AFIO82PB HEREFORD SO519410 WM 118.8Hz G0JWJ 52.0659 -2.7021 OPERATING
GB3HDRB09433.2250434.8250AFIO93BP HUDDERSFIELD SE085166 NOR 82.5Hz G0ISX 53.6459 -1.8735 OPERATING
GB3HERB14433.3500434.9500AJO00HV HASTINGS TQ825120 SE 103.5Hz G8PUO 50.879 0.5931 OPERATING
GB3HFR50-0550.760051.2600AIO93HO BARNSLEY SE426101 NOR 71.9Hz G8POK 53.5857 -1.3581 NOT.OP
GB3HGRV50145.6250145.0250AIO94JF THIRSK SE516817 NOR 88.5Hz G8IMZ 54.2289 -1.2094 OPERATING
GB3HHRV56145.7000145.1000AIO93BF BUXTON SK063698 MID 71.9Hz G7EKY 53.225 -1.9079 OPERATING
GB3HIRV56145.7000145.1000AIO76DK ISLE OF MULL NM703358 SCO 103.5Hz MM0JRM 56.4582 -5.7297 OPERATING
GB3HJRB01433.0250434.6250AIO94EB HARROGATE SE227632 NOR 118.8Hz G4MEM 54.0647 -1.6543 OPERATING
GB3HKRB02433.0500434.6500AIO85ON SELKIRK NT504296 SCO 118.8Hz GM0FTJ 55.5583 -2.7869 OPERATING
GB3HMR50-1150.820051.3200AIO93GA BELPER SK362453 MID 71.9Hz G8IQP 53.0037 -1.5617 OPERATING
GB3HORU71430.8875438.4875AIO91TB HORSHAM TQ131286 SE 88.5Hz G4EFO 51.0464 -0.3866 OPERATING
GB3HRRB14433.3500434.9500AIO91TO HARROW TQ139929 SE 82.5Hz G3YXZ 51.623 -0.3566 OPERATING
GB3HSRV52145.6500145.0500AFDIO93RT WALKINGTON SE950351 NOR 88.5Hz G3GJA 53.8038 -0.5576 OPERATING
GB3HTRB11433.2750434.8750AIO92HN HINCKLEY SP427943 MID 77.0Hz G4ALB 52.5449 -1.3718 OPERATING
GB3HWRB13433.3250434.9250AJO01CN GIDEA PARK TQ533894 SE 110.9Hz G4GBW 51.5828 0.2118 OPERATING
GB3HXR50-0550.760051.2600AJO00HV HASTINGS TQ825120 SE 103.5Hz G8PUO 50.8787 0.5936 LICENSED
GB3HYRU72430.9000438.5000AIO90WX HAYWARDS HEATH TQ339230 SE 88.5Hz G6DGK 50.9917 -0.0935 OPERATING
GB3ICRB05433.1250434.7250AIO82WO WOLVERHAMPTON SJ9300 MID 67.0Hz M0VRR52.60-2.10 OPERATING
GB3IERU68430.8500438.4500AIO70XJ PLYMOUTH SX501566 SW 77.0Hz G7DQC 50.3896 -4.1183 OPERATING
GB3IGRV62145.7750145.1750AIO68QE STORNOWAY NB306305 SCO 88.5Hz GM0LZE 58.1808 -6.5845 OPERATING
GB3IHRB04433.1000434.7000AJO02OB IPSWICH TM193447 SE 110.9Hz G7CIY 52.0573 1.1974 OPERATING
GB3IKRV61145.7625145.1625AJO01FJ ROCHESTER TQ731701 SE 103.5Hz G6CKK 51.4038 0.4889 OPERATING
GB3IMRU66430.8250438.4250AIO74SD DOUGLAS IOM SC371745 NOR 110.9Hz GD4HOZ 54.1406 -4.4931 OPERATING
GB3IMRU70430.8750438.4750AIO74PF PEEL SC240837 NOR 110.9Hz GD4HOZ 54.2193 -4.6997 OPERATING
GB3IMRU66430.8250438.4250AIO74TI RAMSEY IOM SC450988 NOR 71.9Hz GD4HOZ 54.3614 -4.386 OPERATING
GB3IMRB05433.1250434.7250AIO74SG DOUGLAS IOM SC397879 NOR 110.9Hz GD4HOZ 54.2639 -4.461 OPERATING
GB3INRV51145.6375145.0375ADMFIO93GD ALFRETON SK354594 MID 71.9Hz/DMR1 G4TSN 53.1313 -1.4719 OPERATING
GB3IRRV61145.7625145.1625AIO94DJ RICHMOND YORKS NZ166019 NOR 88.5Hz G4FZN 54.4123 -1.7457 OPERATING
GB3ISRV60145.7500145.1500AIO77BF BROADFORD NG683233 SCO 88.5Hz GM8RBR 57.241 -5.8414 OPERATING
GB3IWRB09433.2250434.8250AIO90JQ RYDE SZ547872 SW 71.9Hz G4IKI 50.682 -1.2266 OPERATING
GB3JBRV63145.7875145.1875AIO81VC MERE WILTSHIRE ST867333 SW 103.5Hz G3ZXX 51.0988 -2.1913 OPERATING
GB3JCRU72430.9000438.5000AJO02PP CATTON TG225121 SE 94.8Hz M0ZAH 52.661 1.2901 OPERATING
GB3JLRV63145.7875145.1875AIO70SM LISKEARD SX271705 SW 77.0Hz G4RKY 50.5096 -4.4393 OPERATING
GB3JSRB01433.0250434.6250AJO02UO GREAT YARMOUTH TG527058 SE 94.8Hz M0JGX 52.592 1.7308 OPERATING
GB3JURU72430.9000438.5000AIN89WE ST HELIER IN89WE SW 88.5Hz GJ8PVL 49.2 -2.1142 OPERATING
GB3KBR50-0350.740051.2400AJO01AK LONDON TQ398717 SE 103.5Hz G0WYG 51.4271 0.0095 NOT.OP
GB3KCRU72430.9000438.5000AIO82WK STOURBRIDGE SO921828 MID 67.0Hz G0EWH 52.443 -2.1183 OPERATING
GB3KDRV63145.7875145.1875AIO82UJ KIDDERMINSTER SO8278 WM 118.8Hz G8PZT52.40-2.25 OPERATING
GB3KERV55145.6875145.0875AFIO75UV GLASGOW NS558715 SCO 103.5Hz GM7SVK 55.9153 -4.3077 OPERATING
GB3KIRV53145.6625145.0625ADJO01NI HERNE BAY TR192672 SE 103.5Hz G4TKR 51.3619 1.1481 OPERATING
GB3KKRU78430.9750438.575AIO65VE BALLYCASTLE ID119395 NI 110.9Hz MI0CRQ 55.19 -6.2418 OPERATING
GB3KLRB04433.1000434.7000AFJO02FR KINGS LYNN TF636155 SE 94.8Hz G0IJU 52.7126 0.4205 OPERATING
GB3KNRV56145.7000145.1000AJO01HH MAIDSTONE TQ806585 SE 103.5Hz G3VFC 51.2974 0.59 OPERATING
GB3KRRB03433.0750434.6750AIO82UJ KIDDERMINSTER SO819795 WM 67.0Hz G8NTU 52.4132 -2.2675 NOT.OP
GB3KSRV50145.6250145.0250AFJO01PA DOVER TR320435 SE 103.5Hz M1CMN 51.1446 1.3168 APPROVED
GB3KURB03433.0750434.6750AIO83XM ASHTON-U-LYNE SD948016 NOR 82.5Hz M0NCZ 53.5118 -2.0788 OPERATING
GB3KVRU78430.9750438.575AIO75XX KILSYTH NS731802 SCO 103.5Hz GM3SAN 55.9975 -4.0381 OPERATING
GB3KWRU66430.8250438.4250AFIO75UV GLASGOW NS558715 SCO 103.5Hz GM7SVK 55.9153 -4.3077 OPERATING
GB3KYRV57145.7125145.1125AJO02FS KINGS LYNN TF673233 SE 94.8Hz G1SCQ 52.7814 0.4791 OPERATING
GB3LARV57145.7125145.1125AIO85CJ SANQUHAR NS890106 SCO 103.5Hz GM3SAN 55.3774 -3.7531 OPERATING
GB3LBRV63145.7875145.1875AIO85NS LAUDER NT4454 SCO 118.8Hz GM7LUN55.78-2.88 OPERATING
GB3LDRV54145.6750145.0750AIO84OA LANCASTER SD501599 NOR 110.9Hz G3VVT 54.0325 -2.7632 OPERATING
GB3LERB04433.1000434.7000AFIO92IQ MARKFIELD SK486108 MID 77.0Hz M1NAS 52.6928 -1.2824 OPERATING
GB3LFRB14433.3500434.9500AIO84PH KENDAL SD543920 NOR 110.9Hz G3VVT 54.3213 -2.7048 OPERATING
GB3LHRB15433.3750434.9750AFIO82OP SHREWSBURY SJ472069 WM 103.5Hz G8DIR 52.6573 -2.7813 OPERATING
GB3LIRB10433.2500434.8500AIO83LL LIVERPOOL SJ328965 NOR 82.5Hz G3WIC 53.4609 -3.0136 OPERATING
GB3LLRB0433.0000434.6000AIO83BH LLANDUDNO SH767833 WM 110.9Hz GW6SIX 53.3323 -3.8548 OPERATING
GB3LMRV58145.7250145.1250AFIO93RF LINCOLN SK978718 MID 71.9Hz G7AVU 53.2343 -0.5363 OPERATING
GB3LPR50-0450.750051.2500AIO83MK LIVERPOOL SJ381939 NOR 77.0Hz M1SWB 53.4382 -2.9333 OPERATING
GB3LRRU69430.8625438.4625AJO00AS NEWHAVEN TQ448001 SE 88.5Hz G0TJH 50.7827 0.0533 OPERATING
GB3LSRB02433.0500434.6500AIO93RF LINCOLN SK978718 MID 71.9Hz G7AVU 53.2342 -0.5362 OPERATING
GB3LTRB10433.2500434.8500AFIO91SV LUTON TL061248 MID 77.0Hz G6OUA 51.9118 -0.4579 OPERATING
GB3LURV54145.6750145.0750AIP90JD LERWICK HU442403 SCO 77.0Hz GM4SLV 60.1446 -1.2065 OPERATING
GB3LVRB02433.0500434.6500AIO91XP NORTH LONDON TQ329968 SE 82.5Hz G4DFB 51.6525 -0.0818 OPERATING
GB3LYRV48145.6000145.0000AIO65NC LIMAVADY IC711296 NI 110.9Hz MI1VOX 55.1084 -6.8872 OPERATING
GB3MARB01433.0250434.6250AIO83UO BURY SD833133 NOR 82.5Hz G7LWT 53.616 -2.2539 OPERATING
GB3MBRB15433.3750434.9750AFIO81HR MERTHYR SO022052 WM 94.8Hz GW0UXJ 51.7373 -3.4166 NOT.OP
GB3MERB06433.1500434.7500AIO92JJ RUGBY SP518756 MID 67.0Hz G7BQM 52.3752 -1.2405 OPERATING
GB3MHRV50145.6250145.0250AIO91WC EAST GRINSTEAD TQ337354 SE 88.5Hz G3NZP 51.1022 -0.0909 OPERATING
GB3MIRV57145.7125145.1125ADIO83VM MANCHESTER SD843021 NOR 82.5Hz G0TOG 53.5153 -2.2382 OPERATING
GB3MKRB0433.0000434.6000AFIO92OB MILTON KEYNES SP852391 SW 77.0Hz G4CAK 52.0438 -0.7591 OPERATING
GB3MMRM61297.1501291.150AIO82XP WOLVERHAMPTON SJ945036 MID 67.0Hz G4OKE 52.6307 -2.082 NOT.OP
GB3MNRV52145.6500145.0500AFIO83XH DISLEY SJ973814 NOR 82.5Hz G8LZO 53.3294 -2.0413 OPERATING
GB3MPRV60145.7500145.1500AIO83HH PRESTATYN SJ0781 WM   M0OBW53.33-3.38 OPERATING
GB3MRRB14433.3500434.9500AIO83XH STOCKPORT SJ973814 NOR 82.5Hz G8LZO 53.3294 -2.0413 OPERATING
GB3MSRB07433.1750434.7750AFIO82VE WORCESTER SO8754 WM 67.0Hz G7WIG52.19-2.18 NOT.OP
GB3MTRU72430.9000438.5000AIO64QS MAGHERAFELT IH901904 NI 110.9Hz MI0GRN 54.7544 -6.5996 OPERATING
GB3MWRB10433.2500434.8500AIO92FH LEAMINGTON SPA SP335672 MID   G6FEO 52.3013 -1.5107 OPERATING
GB3NARV49145.6125145.0125AFIO93HO BARNSLEY SE4210 NOR 71.9Hz G8POK53.59-1.36 OPERATING
GB3NBRV50145.6250145.0250AJO02PN NORWICH TG258026 SE 94.8Hz G8VLL 52.5747 1.3316 OPERATING
GB3NCRV58145.7250145.1250AFIO70OJ ROCHE SW991574 SW 77.0Hz G4WVD 50.3821 -4.8263 OPERATING
GB3NDRB14433.3500434.9500AIO71VA BIDEFORD SS441258 SW 77.0Hz G4SOF 51.0109 -4.2234 OPERATING
GB3NERV61145.7625145.1625AIO91HJ NEWBURY SU453647 SW 118.8Hz G6IBI 51.3804 -1.3491 LICENSED
GB3NFRV50145.6250145.0250AIO92KX NOTTINGHAM SK583429 MID 77.0Hz G4NRZ 52.98 -1.1329 OPERATING
GB3NGRV50145.6250145.0250AIO87XO FRASERBURGH NJ981569 SCO 67.0Hz GM4ZUK 57.6022 -2.0328 OPERATING
GB3NHRU70430.8750438.4750AIO92NF NORTHAMPTON SP756609 MID 77.0Hz G4YKE 52.2416 -0.8941 OPERATING
GB3NIRV58145.7250145.1250AIO74CO BELFAST N.I. IJ405767 NI 110.9Hz MI1VOX 54.6195 -5.8239 OPERATING
GB3NKRB04433.1000434.7000AJO01BL ERITH TQ498769 SE 103.5Hz G4EGU 51.4712 0.1554 OPERATING
GB3NLRV62145.7750145.1750AIO91XP NORTH LONDON TQ329968 SE   G4DFB 51.6525 -0.0818 OPERATING
GB3NMRB07433.1750434.7750AIO92KX NOTTINGHAM SK583428 MID 71.9Hz G4IRX 52.98 -1.1329 OPERATING
GB3NNRB02433.0500434.6500AJO02JV WELLS NORFOLK TF904385 SE 94.8Hz G0FVF 52.9102 0.83 OPERATING
GB3NORM01297.0001291.000AJO02PP NORWICH TG224084 SE 94.8Hz G8VLL 52.627 1.2838 OPERATING
GB3NPRU71430.8875438.4875AFIO92LD TOWCESTER SP665524 MID 77.0Hz G4YKE 52.1665 -1.029 OPERATING
GB3NRRB0433.0000434.6000AJO02PP NORWICH TG224084 SE 94.8Hz G8VLL 52.627 1.2838 OPERATING
GB3NSDVU54439.6750430.675AIO91WG CATERHAM TQ322542 SE 82.5Hz G0OLX 51.2709 -0.1067 OPERATING
GB3NTRB0433.0000434.6000AFIO94FW NEWCASTLE NZ268601 NOR 118.8Hz G7UUR 54.9356 -1.5828 OPERATING
GB3NURU71430.8875438.4875AJO02OW SHERINGHAM TG157430 SE 94.8Hz G8SAU 52.9407 1.2088 OPERATING
GB3NWRV50145.6250145.0250AFIO82VE WORCESTER SO8754 WM 67.0Hz G4IDF52.19-2.18 OPERATING
GB3NXRU68430.8500438.4500AIO91WB CRAWLEY SUSSEX TQ292324 SE 88.5Hz G4EFO 51.0763 -0.1576 OPERATING
GB3NYRU66430.8250438.4250AIO94VC BRIDLINGTON TA174690 NOR 88.5Hz M0DPH 54.1042 -0.2057 OPERATING
GB3NZ2M145.6000145.0000AJO02PP CATTON TG224109 SE 94.8Hz M0ZAH 52.6501 1.2877 OPERATING
GB3OARV49145.6125145.0125AIO83LP SOUTHPORT SD334417 NOR 82.5Hz G4EID 53.648 -3.0008 OPERATING
GB3OCRV52145.6500145.0500AIO88LX KIRKWALL HY412117 SCO 77.0Hz GM0HQG 58.9884 -3.0248 OPERATING
GB3OHRU76430.9500438.550AIO85EX LINLITHGOW NS975793 SCO 94.8Hz GM0MZB 55.9957 -3.6449 OPERATING
GB3OMRU76430.9500438.550AMIO64JQ OMAGH IH511810 NI 110.9Hz/DMR1 GI4SXV 54.6743 -7.2091 OPERATING
GB3OVRB05433.1250434.7250AIO92VG ST NEOTS TL242652 MID 94.8Hz M1JUL 52.2709 -0.1812 OPERATING
GB3OYRU76430.9500438.550AJO01AO BUCKHURST HILL TQ407937 SE 82.5Hz G7UZN 51.6248 0.0323 OPERATING
GB3PARV50145.6250145.0250AIO75QV PAISLEY NS382718 SCO 103.5Hz GM7OAW 55.9115 -4.5912 OPERATING
GB3PBRV50145.6250145.0250AIO90AR POOLE SZ042920 SW 71.9Hz G7ICH 50.7284 -1.9405 OPERATING
GB3PCRU69430.8625438.4625AFIO92UO PETERBOROUGH TF164001 SE 94.8Hz M0RHG 52.5869 -0.2824 OPERATING
GB3PERV54145.6750145.0750AIO92TN PETERBOROUGH TF332042 SE 94.8Hz M0ZPU 52.6188 -0.033 OPERATING
GB3PFRB0433.0000434.6000AIO83VT NELSON SD858369 NOR 82.5Hz M0NFI 53.8289 -2.2166 OPERATING
GB3PIRV60145.7500145.1500AIO92XA ROYSTON TL372364 SE 77.0Hz M0ZPU 52.0098 -0.0018 OPERATING
GB3PKRV53145.6625145.0625AIO65WE BALLYCASTLE NI ID213403 NI 110.9Hz MI0CRR 55.1947 -6.0964 OPERATING
GB3PLRV61145.7625145.1625AIO70VM E.CORNWALL SX407714 SW 77.0Hz G1VQG 50.5207 -4.2485 OPERATING
GB3PORV52145.6500145.0500AJO02OB IPSWICH TM193447 SE 110.9Hz G7CIY 52.0573 1.1974 OPERATING
GB3PPRB15433.3750434.9750AIO83PS PRESTON SD536330 NOR 82.5Hz M0NED 53.7912 -2.7058 OPERATING
GB3PRRV54145.6750145.0750AFIO86GI PERTH NO102209 SCO 94.8Hz GM8KPH 56.3725 -3.4551 OPERATING
GB3PSRM31297.0751291.075AIO92XA ROYSTON TL372364 SE 77.0Hz M0ZPU 52.0098 -0.0018 NOT.OP
GB3PURB0433.0000434.6000AFIO86GI PERTH NO102209 SCO 94.8Hz GM8KPH 56.3725 -3.4551 OPERATING
GB3PWRV62145.7750145.1750AIO82HL NEWTOWN POWYS SO050875 WM 103.5Hz GW4IQP 52.4774 -3.3996 LICENSED
GB3PXR50-0750.780051.2800AIO92XA ROYSTON TL372364 SE 77.0Hz M0ZPU 52.0098 -0.0018 OPERATING
GB3PYRU72430.9000438.5000AJO02AF CAMBRIDGE TL393594 SE 77.0Hz M0ZPU 52.2152 0.0376 OPERATING
GB3PZRU72430.9000438.5000AFIO83XL DUKINFIELD SJ955969 NOR 82.5Hz G4ZPZ 53.4688 -2.0692 OPERATING
GB3RARV51145.6375145.0375AIO82JH LLANDRINDOD WELLS SO186713 WM 103.5Hz GW7UNV 52.3342 -3.195 OPERATING
GB3RBRB08433.2000434.8000AIO93IF BOLSOVER SK474706 MID 71.9Hz G1SLE 53.2303 -1.2914 OPERATING
GB3RDRV54145.6750145.0750AIO91JM READING SU555803 SW 118.8Hz G8DOR 51.5192 -1.2011 OPERATING
GB3RERB11433.2750434.8750AJO01HH MAIDSTONE TQ814585 SE 103.5Hz G6RVS 51.2967 0.6005 OPERATING
GB3RFRV62145.7750145.1750ADMFIO83TR ACCRINGTON SD755277 NOR 82.5Hz/DMR2 M0NFI 53.7452 -2.3715 REDUCED
GB3RHRB11433.2750434.8750AIO80MS AXMINSTER SY325966 SW 94.8Hz G6WWY 50.7651 -2.9585 OPERATING
GB3RTRB0433.0000434.6000AIO81LP CWMBRAN ST266939 WM 94.8Hz MW0YAC 51.6399 -3.061 OPERATING
GB3RURB11433.2750434.8750AIO91LK READING SU666731 SW 118.8Hz G8DOR 51.4521 -1.0438 OPERATING
GB3SBRV52145.6500145.0500AIO85ON SELKIRK NT504296 SCO 118.8Hz GM0FTJ 55.5583 -2.7869 OPERATING
GB3SDRB14433.3500434.9500AIO80SQ WEYMOUTH SY677858 SW 71.9Hz G0EVW 50.6711 -2.4572 OPERATING
GB3SERM31297.0751291.075AIO83WA STOKE ON TRENT SJ9348 MID 103.5Hz G8NSS53.03-2.10 OPERATING
GB3SFRU75430.9375438.5375AIO81DA SOUTH MOLTON SS783279 SW 77.0Hz G6SQX 51.0385 -3.7358 OPERATING
GB3SHRV53145.6625145.0625AIO90IV SOUTHAMPTON SU471118 SW   G4MYS 50.9044 -1.3303 LICENSED
GB3SIRV50145.6250145.0250AIO70JB HELSTON SW684218 SW   M1ERD 50.0505 -5.2357 OPERATING
GB3SJRV55145.6875145.0875AIO83RF NORTHWICH SJ656696 NOR 103.5Hz M0WTX 53.223 -2.5164 OPERATING
GB3SKRB06433.1500434.7500AJO01MH CANTERBURY TR137599 SE 103.5Hz G6DIK 51.2981 1.064 OPERATING
GB3SLR50-0250.730051.2300AIO75XX KILSYTH NS731802 SCO 103.5Hz GM4COX 55.9975 -4.0381 OPERATING
GB3SMRB13433.3250434.9250AIO93BA STOKE ON TRENT SK059488 MID 103.5Hz G4SCY 53.0364 -1.9135 OPERATING
GB3SNRV58145.7250145.1250AIO91LC ALTON HANTS SU673361 SW 71.9Hz G4EPX 51.1198 -1.0402 OPERATING
GB3SORB0433.0000434.6000ADMFJO03AR WITHERNSEA TA3328 NOR 71.9Hz/DMR8 M0MFP53.740.03 OPERATING
GB3SPRB04433.1000434.7000AFIO71NQ PEMBROKE SN041008 WM 94.8Hz GW4VRO 51.672 -4.8336 OPERATING
GB3SRRU73430.9125438.5125AJO03CB SKEGNESS TF471546 MID 71.9Hz M0AQC 53.0685 0.1941 OPERATING
GB3SSRV48145.6000145.0000AFIO87MO ELGIN MORAY NJ424582 SCO 67.0Hz GM4ILS 57.6101 -2.9656 OPERATING
GB3STRB09433.2250434.8250AIO83WA STOKE ON TRENT SJ9348 MID 103.5Hz G8NSS53.03-2.10 OPERATING
GB3SURB08433.2000434.8000AIO90IV SOUTHAMPTON SU471118 SW   G4MYS 50.9044 -1.3303 LICENSED
GB3SWRV57145.7125145.1125AIO80JR SIDMOUTH SY157922 SW 77.0Hz G6XUV 50.7235 -3.1931 OPERATING
GB3SXR50-0850.790051.2900AIO93BA STOKE ON TRENT SK059488 MID 103.5Hz G4SCY 53.0364 -1.9135 OPERATING
GB3SYRB06433.1500434.7500AIO93EN BARNSLEY SE2206 NOR 71.9Hz G8POK53.56-1.66 OPERATING
GB3TCRB14433.3500434.9500AIO92JX NOTTINGHAM SK504432 MID 71.9Hz M5ADU 52.9846 -1.2498 REDUCED
GB3TDRB03433.0750434.6750AIO91DL SWINDON SU208765 SW 118.8Hz G4XUT 51.4871 -1.7007 OPERATING
GB3TERV49145.6125145.0125AJO01OU FRINTON ON SEA TM194218 SE 67.0Hz G0MBA 51.8517 1.1845 OPERATING
GB3TFRB08433.2000434.8000AFIO82RP TELFORD SJ648069 WM 103.5Hz G3UKV 52.6594 -2.5208 OPERATING
GB3THRB15433.3750434.9750AFIO92DP TAMWORTH SK2004 MID 67.0Hz G8YUQ52.63-1.70 OPERATING
GB3TJRB12433.3000434.9000AFIO85XA CORBRIDGE NY984707 NOR 118.8Hz G7UUR 55.0333 -2.0276 OPERATING
GB3TORV49145.6125145.0125ADIO92NE NORTHAMPTON SP773533 MID 77.0Hz G6NYH 52.1724 -0.8725 NOT.OP
GB3TPRV58145.7250145.1250AIO93CT SHIPLEY SE130367 NOR 82.5Hz G8ZMG 53.8269 -1.8029 OPERATING
GB3TRRV52145.6500145.0500AIO80FM TORQUAY SX913680 SW 94.8Hz G8XST 50.502 -3.535 OPERATING
GB3TSRB07433.1750434.7750AFIO94GX SUNDERLAND NZ357512 NOR 118.8Hz G7MFN 54.855 -1.4445 OPERATING
GB3TURB09433.2250434.8250AIO91PS TRING HERTS SP905085 SW 77.0Hz G0RDI 51.7679 -0.6897 OPERATING
GB3TWRV58145.7250145.1250AFIO94EW GATESHEAD NZ253620 NOR 118.8Hz G7UUR 54.9526 -1.6059 OPERATING
GB3TX10M29.650029.5500AJO02PP CATTON TG224108 SE 94.8Hz M0ZAH 52.6501 1.2877 LICENSED
GB3TYR50-0750.780051.2800AIO74BS CARRICKFERGUS IJ387928 NI 110.9Hz GI6DKQ 54.7638 -5.8463 OPERATING
GB3UBRB04433.1000434.7000AIO81UJ BATH AVON ST773646 SW 118.8Hz G4KVI 51.38 -2.3275 OPERATING
GB3UKRU69430.8625438.4625AIO81XW CHELTENHAM SO993248 SW 103.5Hz G0LGS 51.922 -2.0105 OPERATING
GB3ULRB02433.0500434.6500AIO74CO BELFAST N.I. IJ405767 NI 110.9Hz MI1VOX 54.6195 -5.8239 OPERATING
GB3UMR50-0350.740051.2400AIO92IQ MARKFIELD SK486108 MID 77.0Hz M1NAS 52.6928 -1.2824 OPERATING
GB3UORU66430.8250438.4250AFIO82LW CHIRK SJ298392 WM 110.9Hz GW0WZZ 52.946 -3.0454 OPERATING
GB3UPRU73430.9125438.5125AIO71MX FISHGUARD SM958365 WM 94.8Hz GW6TKK 51.9898 -4.9742 OPERATING
GB3USRB0433.0000434.6000AIO93GI SHEFFIELD SK358864 NOR 103.5Hz M0RFT 53.3732 -1.4635 OPERATING
GB3VARV56145.7000145.1000AIO91LT BRILL SP656138 SW 118.8Hz G8BQH 51.819 -1.0497 OPERATING
GB3VERB04433.1000434.7000AIO84SQ DUFTON NY704318 NOR 77.0Hz G7ITT 54.6798 -2.462 OPERATING
GB3VHRB13433.3250434.9250AIO91VT WELWYN GARDEN CITY TL228140 SE 82.5Hz G4THF 51.8118 -0.2198 OPERATING
GB3VIR50-1550.860051.3600AIO92BJ SUTTON COLDFIELD SP078957 MID 67.0Hz G8NDT 52.5597 -1.885 REDUCED
GB3VMRV49145.6125145.0125AFIO82PH LUDLOW SO508682 WM 103.5Hz G4AIJ 52.3096 -2.72 OPERATING
GB3VNRU74430.9250438.525AFIO82QI LUDLOW SO589735 WM 103.5Hz G4OYX 52.3583 -2.6041 OPERATING
GB3VORV51145.6375145.0375AFIO82LW CHIRK SJ301400 WM 110.9Hz GW0WZZ 52.9534 -3.0409 OPERATING
GB3VSRB03433.0750434.6750AIO80LX TAUNTON ST242188 SW 94.8Hz G4UVZ 50.9636 -3.0807 OPERATING
GB3VTRV58145.7250145.1250ADIO83WA STOKE ON TRENT SJ9348 MID 103.5Hz G8NSS53.03-2.10 OPERATING
GB3WARU70430.8750438.4750AIO75OR DALRY NS266519 SCO 103.5Hz GM7GDE 55.7294 -4.7629 OPERATING
GB3WBRB12433.3000434.9000AIO81MH WESTON-S-MARE ST338580 SW 94.8Hz G1VSX 51.3173 -2.9506 OPERATING
GB3WCRM151297.3751291.375AIO93EP WAKEFIELD SE229157 NOR 82.5Hz G1XCC 53.6378 -1.6551 OPERATING
GB3WDRV56145.7000145.1000AIO70WJ PLYMOUTH SX480550 SW 77.0Hz G7LUL 50.3752 -4.139 OPERATING
GB3WFRB14433.3500434.9500AFIO93DV OTLEY SE206440 NOR 82.5Hz M0SNW 53.8918 -1.688 OPERATING
GB3WGRU70430.8750438.4750AIO81CP PORT TALBOT SS781936 WM 94.8Hz MW0HAC 51.6283 -3.7612 OPERATING
GB3WHRV52145.6500145.0500AIO91EM SWINDON SU236814 SW 118.8Hz G4LDL 51.5307 -1.6627 OPERATING
GB3WIRB15433.3750434.9750AFJO02BP WISBECH TF4509 SE 94.8Hz M0DUQ52.660.15 OPERATING
GB3WJRB05433.1250434.7250AIO93QN SCUNTHORPE SE889103 MID 88.5Hz G3TMD 53.5821 -0.6588 OPERATING
GB3WKRV62145.7750145.1750AIO92FH LEAMINGTON SPA SP335671 MID   G6FEO 52.3013 -1.5107 OPERATING
GB3WLRU76430.9500438.550AIO92BJ BIRMINGHAM SP077762 MID 67.0Hz G3YXM 52.384 -1.8882 OPERATING
GB3WLRU76430.9500438.550ADFIO92BJ WYTHALL SP077762 MID 67.0Hz G3YXM 52.384 -1.8882 OPERATING
GB3WMRB02433.0500434.6500AFIO92AJ LONGBRIDGE SP026778 MID 67.0Hz M0JZT 52.3988 -1.963 OPERATING
GB3WNRB0433.0000434.6000AIO82XP WOLVERHAMPTON SJ945037 MID 67.0Hz G4OKE 52.6307 -2.082 NOT.OP
GB3WORU78430.9750438.575AIO90TT WORTHING TQ147028 SE 88.5Hz M0IAD 50.814 -0.3732 LICENSED
GB3WPRU75430.9375438.5375AIO83XL HYDE SJ980959 NOR 82.5Hz G6YRK 53.46 -2.03 OPERATING
GB3WRRV48145.6000145.0000AFIO81PH CHEDDAR ST498568 SW 94.8Hz G4RKY 51.3081 -2.7215 OPERATING
GB3WSRV60145.7500145.1500AIO91WB CRAWLEY SUSSEX TQ292324 SE 88.5Hz G4EFO 51.0763 -0.1576 OPERATING
GB3WTRV62145.7750145.1750AIO64JQ OMAGH IH511810 NI 110.9Hz GI3NVW 54.6743 -7.2091 OPERATING
GB3WURU66430.8250438.4250AIO82VE WORCESTER SO857558 WM 118.8Hz G8TIC 52.2011 -2.2095 OPERATING
GB3WX10M29.210050.5200AIO81VC MERE WILTSHIRE ST867333 SW 77.0Hz G3ZXX 51.0988 -2.1913 OPERATING
GB3WX6M50.520029.2100AIO81VC MERE WILTSHIRE ST867333 SW 77.0Hz G3ZXX 51.0988 -2.1913 OPERATING
GB3WYR50-0950.800051.3000AIO93EP WAKEFIELD SE229157 NOR 82.5Hz G1XCC 53.6378 -1.6551 OPERATING
GB3XLRU71430.8875438.4875AMIO93CT SHIPLEY SE157369 NOR 82.5Hz/DMR1 M0IRK 53.8287 -1.7626 DMR ONLY (TEMP)
GB3XNRU74430.9250438.525AIO93KJ WORKSOP SK587869 MID 71.9Hz G3XXN 53.3765 -1.119 OPERATING
GB3XPRV55145.6875145.0875AFIO91VJ MORDEN TQ265661 SE 82.5Hz M0SGL 51.3801 -0.1832 OPERATING
GB3XXRU73430.9125438.5125AFIO92KG DAVENTRY SP570636 MID 77.0Hz G8KHF 52.2679 -1.1653 OPERATING
GB3YCRV60145.7500145.1500AIO94SC DRIFFIELD TA016693 NOR 88.5Hz M0KXQ 54.1099 -0.447 NOT.OP
GB3YLRB14433.3500434.9500AJO02UL LOWESTOFT TM541927 SE 94.8Hz G4RKP 52.4738 1.7413 NOT.OP
GB3YSRB02433.0500434.6500AIO80QW YEOVIL SOMERSET ST5717 SW 88.5Hz G3ZXX50.95-2.61 OPERATING
GB3YWRV63145.7875145.1875AIO93EP WAKEFIELD SE229157 NOR 82.5Hz G1XCC 53.6378 -1.6551 OPERATING
GB3ZARV59145.7375145.1375AFIO82PB HEREFORD SO519410 WM 118.8Hz G0JWJ 52.0659 -2.7021 OPERATING
GB3ZBRU66430.8250438.4250AIO81QJ BRISTOL ST554667 SW 77.0Hz G4RKY 51.3978 -2.6412 OPERATING
GB3ZIRU78430.9750438.575AFIO82WT STAFFORD SJ945240 MID 103.5Hz G4YFF 52.8131 -2.0836 OPERATING
GB3ZWR50-1050.810051.3100AIO82HL NEWTOWN POWYS SO050875 WM 103.5Hz GW4IQP 52.4774 -3.3996 LICENSED
GB3ZXRU66430.8250438.4250AJO00CT EASTBOURNE TQ577018 SE 88.5Hz G6ZZX 50.7943 0.2362 OPERATING
GB3ZYR50-0950.800051.3000AIO81QJ BRISTOL ST554667 SW 77.0Hz G4RKY 51.3978 -2.6412 OPERATING
GB7AADVU54439.6750430.675AMIO81RO BRISTOL ST6288 SW DMR/1 G4CJZ51.59-2.54 OPERATING
GB7CMRV56145.7000145.1000AFIO80WU BLANDFORD ST916079 SW 71.9Hz M0MRP 50.8707 -2.1207 OPERATING
GB7DKRV55145.6875145.0875AFIO74LV STRANRAER NX046605 SCO 103.5Hz GM0HPK 54.9008 -5.049 OPERATING
GB7DSDVU34439.4250430.4250AMJO02PP NORWICH TG224109 SE 94.8Hz/DMR1 M0ZAH 52.6501 1.2877 OPERATING
GB7ERRV62145.7750145.1750AFIO80GR EXETER SX938939 SW 77.0Hz M0ZZT 50.7357 -3.5062 LICENSED
GB7FGRU76430.9500438.550AFIO71WW CARMARTHEN SN517266 WM 94.8Hz GW8KCY 51.9187 -4.1573 OPERATING
GB7FIRU71430.8875438.4875AMIO81OH AXBRIDGE ST443556 SW 77.0Hz/DMR3 G4RKY 51.297 -2.8 OPERATING
GB7HFRB04433.1000434.7000AFIO91VR WELHAM GREEN TL233057 SE 82.5Hz G1YJH 51.7372 -0.2145 OPERATING
GB7HNRU70430.8750438.4750AFIO83RL LEIGH SJ642981 NOR 82.5Hz M0HOY 53.4787 -2.5405 OPERATING
GB7IC-CRV53145.6625145.0625ADJO01NI HERNE BAY TR192672 SE   G4TKR 51.3619 1.1481 OPERATING
GB7JLRU77430.9625438.5625AMIO83QL WIGAN SJ616982 NOR 82.5Hz/DMR1 G1EFU 53.4799 -2.5786 OPERATING
GB7KLRU70430.8750438.4750AFIO84RD KIRKBY LONSDALE SD635743 NOR 110.9Hz M1JCB 54.1637 -2.5593 LICENSED
GB7KRRU71430.8875438.4875AMIO82UJ KIDDERMINSTER SO8278 WM 118.8Hz/DMR8 G0EWH52.40-2.25 ANALOGUE ONLY (TEMP)
GB7RWRV48145.6000145.0000ADIO94SO WHITBY NZ932044 NOR 88.5Hz G4EQS 54.4263 -0.5656 OPERATING
GB7RYRU76430.9500438.550AFJO00HW RYE TQ830200 SE 103.5Hz M0HOW 50.9508 0.6052 OPERATING
GB7SHRU77430.9625438.5625AFIO93GK SHEFFIELD SK370914 NOR 71.9Hz M1ERS 53.4188 -1.4437 OPERATING
GB7SJRB07433.1750434.7750AFIO83RF NORTHWICH SJ656696 NOR 103.5Hz M0WTX 53.223 -2.5164 OPERATING
GB7SVRB11433.2750434.8750AFIO91UW HITCHIN TL201270 SE 82.5Hz G6YIQ 51.9286 -0.2547 OPERATING
GB7SZRU75430.9375438.5375AFIO90AR POOLE SZ043925 SW 71.9Hz M1EZF 50.7325 -1.939 OPERATING
GB7TQRU71430.8875438.4875AFIO80FM TORQUAY SX913680 SW 94.8Hz G8XST 50.502 -3.535 OPERATING
GB7YZDVU38439.4750430.4750AMFIO83JE MOLD SJ215665 WM 110.9Hz M0WTX 53.1906 -3.1763 OPERATING

351 records found. - all about UK amateur radio repeaters
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